Feedback - Will Continue to Update


Communication / Community Management:

  • There needs to be frequent, strong, and reliable communication from DHS to the public. The public Trello board was a good idea but wasn’t executed correctly. There have been few updates to the Trello leading up to F2P weekend. This gave the community the sense that everything in Dev Blog 2 was still coming. It wasn’t until the patch notes were released that it was publicly known the update fell short.
  • Discord mods and PR personnel need to do a better job of diffusing situations rather than fueling fires. They’ve been very confrontational all weekend, which paints a negative picture for IoN and DHS.
  • Dev Blog should be more frequent and should align with the public Trello. If you want people to be engaged and excited for the future, they need to see results. At this point, the only people who get excited about updates are the closed testing group.


  • Stuttering when you first land in the dome is hindering the purpose of the deagle. If you hot drop, it’s pure luck as to whether you get out alive or not.
  • TTK is too high now with the shield strength and headshots doing shield damage is a problem. Out aiming someone who is spraying body shots should not lose fights.
  • Hit Reg is not reliable. Have had many fights that make me feel like I’m playing PUBG again.


  • Need additional weapons and not specifically alien. Get 2 more AR’s, 3 more SMG’s, and another sniper in addition to the alien themed weapons to shake up the meta.


  • The scrap system adds an interesting mechanic to the game but needs rework. The focus should not be on scrapping as it takes away from the core purpose of the game; therefore, the scrap shouldn’t give the weapons an oppressive advantage over their lower level versions (e.g. increased damage should be removed). The UI should be reworked to allow for more efficient scrapping.


  • Gadgets are interesting, but is a class system the right way? IMO not in the current state of the game. What if gadgets were a world spawn? One “class” that everyone uses and several different gadgets with their advantages. By doing this, you allow for another benefit of scrap (e.g. use less plasma or quicker regen).

Custom Servers:

  • Obviously, a lot of problems this weekend with the tournament. The custom servers will be a strong edition to the game and allow for a greater competitive scene, but they need to be completely stabilized before a cash prize tournament is hosted. The next tournament should be considered an open test. No money for the winner, but maybe exclusive skins for the participants and the winners.
  • UI – pre-queue should not be gun-game but a single screen showing all people joining the game. I think PUBG did this well with their custom games. Once the game is full, either go into gun game or drop right into the dome.


Hey slek9,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, i’ll be sure to pass them along.


Thank you Ooey! Love the team at DHS and the work that has been done so far. I’ll continue to see you in the dome!


don’t take our gun game away from us :frowning: majority love the social-lobbies


Nice to play.
I will also introduce your forum members to my site


The gun game removal was meant only for custom server games / tournaments. I love it in standard games.