Form of Transportation


It happens a lot to me that i just run around in the many and to big forest areas of this game. A way to decrease the time it takes to find players other then the drop and last circle is either to increase the amount of players in a game or to introduce a way of moving faster.

Since your setting is that an alien race has captured us you can basically do what ever you want here. I was thinking about a hover board that you can loot find while looting that then goes in a slot in your inventory.
While using it you can not shoot your gun and obv you are super vulnerable to other players, so its a high risk/reward thing while using it. I don’t think you should take damage when getting off at high speeds though.

Maybe im just weird but i think something like this could work.


I would also like to see either a player increase to 100 if possible. I’ve heard somewhere that they will increase it to 75 soon? I hope it’s true. Too many players die in the very beginning after landing and then we only have about 20 left for a long time while the zone is still quite big. I’d like to see more players because I don’t encounter much until the few last circles. And it would be cool if they could add some transportation like hoverbikes. But a player count increase would be most important for me.


Thanks for the feedback friends. There are indeed plans to raise the player cap in the future.


Woohooooooo! Magnificent news :smile: