FPS not fixed in this patch?!


What a shame. Another weekend of not playing it because fps drops are unbearable. I dont understand how you prioritise a new HUD UI over performance issues. Another weekend not playing it or playing it and suffering due to optimisation not being fixed.


HUD UI shouldn’t be something that was fixed or changed just yet, performance, fps and frame drops that could lose you the gun fight should of been the main bit of the patch. I guess 90% of the player base you have the closed alpha was looking for fps fixes, yet we have a new HUD… yay


Hey Savaa,

Please be patient, optimization takes time. There were a lot of behind the scene tweaks to increase performance since last patch as well.


I understand that, but it should be #1 on the list, not hud changes they were fine for now. 40-50 fps an d you get out gunned by people for some reason can run the game better than you can even though you have a 2k pc…


I can assure you that feature implementation and optimization are two of the top things on the list. Don’t forget that this game is in closed alpha and developed by a small team. What gpu and processor are you running? You should be getting a ton more than 40-50fps with a 2k computer.


It’s a closed alpha, what u want from this game at this stage? Just relax and wait.


Have you tried running in borderless mode @Savaa


I have to play in borderless window if not i get insane screen tear.

i7 3770k @ 4.2ghz
16gb ram

just seems to be this game…


100% understand that its closed alpha dude, but the only way you see streamers running this game fine is with 1080’s not everyone wants to waste that much money on a gpu lol


I stream this game with a 1070 and rarely drop below 60 fps. The only times that I noticeably drop below that is when I have streams, youtube, or other intensive things running in the background.

You aren’t using launch options correct? Those were causing issues for players as well. Shadows and Antialiasing should be on low also as they are the main frame droppers at the moment.

I’m wondering if there is some issue on the back end that is slowing your PC down. Give me a list of things you tried and have done so we can see what we can do to get you higher frames.


Then do not buy what your computer does not pull, lawl


and you’re wrong. i seen many streamers with 1080 and they have about 50-100 fps with subsidence, so…


I have Asus 1070 GTX, i7-4770 3.5GHz, 32gb ram, ssd. I get about 70-115 fps during matches.
Have you tries a “booster program” that turns off unnecessary windows services and processes when playing? I found this very usefull when installing my new GTX, after install I got fps drops in cs:go every 7sec, from 300 down to 20 then up to 300 again, really annoying. After I used the “boost program (ASUS)” the drops stoped, always activate the boost when im playing.


thats great, if i had issues running any other game at max settings at 100fps+, but i dont. Fact is this game is optimised hopefully its sorted soon.


Ive tried all known things, every combo of settings, every launch option mentioned. Makes no sense. Ive tried new drivers, old drivers. Guess its a case of waiting until its sorted. The only thing i can think of, is maybe its the same case as when black ops 1 released, and they had multiplied the layers in things to a point no one could run it. Maybe the same thing is happening in this game? no idea im not a designer lol i just play the games


Jumping in on this thread. If you know game development at all, optimization is NOT #1 on list during development so you are assuming wrong. They are doing tweaks to the world and other optimizations, but doing full blown optimizations as they are adding in more core features is not the wisest move. Yes, they are doing “independent” optimizations on things that it wont affect down the road, but there’s some major things that needs all features in before they focus on that.

forget all the alpha stuff, this is core development. I’m sorry you are having trouble, but it will be addressed down the road.



I understand this 100% and although i do come across aggravated, its a case of knowing i can run everything at high settings well, but this game isnt the same. Also seeing some streamers who have very similar set ups to me and they can run it fine. I do love this game, and will be playing it as soon as all the issues are fixed I bought into it before playing it at the highest package purchasable. I just hope all the issue are fixed before EA becomes live.


Fx8350 4.8ghz

1080p Post process low ( too blurry ) mix of high and medium some drops in the 50’s but usually right around 100 FPS until the 2nd circle , then the FPS drops are all over the place especially when near the red orange forest area.

Dropping the res to 720p running everything high except post and shadows and it visually looks pretty good still and the drops aren’t nearly as bad…

I’m sure many will cry I’m not using 720p but tjis is in the early stages, sometimes you have to budge with early developement if you’re wanting to enjoy it…

My only complaint is the desync, but I’m sure down the road it’ll be addressed…


Again, changing res does nothing for me :frowning: guess i will just have to wait until a full optimization wave comes through

i7 3770k @4.4ghz
16gb ram
game is on an SSD


That’s usually the sign of a system bottleneck…


understand that, however that would make sense if any other game ran bad. But it they dont…