FPS not fixed in this patch?!


Well you’re comparing a Work in progress to completed older games. People need to understand that the biggest final push in developement is optimization, unfortunately you have to wait I guess…


Does anybody even remember other Battle Royal games in alpha? You have got to be kidding with the hate about fps drops, right? Pubg /still/ has them. Don’t expect a 100fps boost in a single patch my dude, optimization in this stage will take MONTHS. not weeks. You’re hating on a game because you expect a work in progress to be the same as a finished product. This game owes you nothing until it’s released, until then enjoy what they have to offer, report bugs in a respectful way, and HAVE FUN.


Tomble said that the game is currently CPU based, which will hopefully change later to implementing the GPU more.
BUT if the CPU is the mainrunner atm, that would mean that your 3770 is maybe a bit too old to get a better fps.
I got a 970 gpu and my mate just upgraded to 1070 gpu, and we have about the same fps.
If you want extra fps like RIGHT NOW, you should invest in a 8700k or something.