FPS Spikes!


My Rig:

GTX 950
Crucial 275GB SSD

I can run OW 100+ FPS, Mass Effect Andromeda 60+ FPS, Black ops 3 80+ FPS, The DIvision 80+ FPS… But this game, I get between 12 and 100 FPS WITH all settings on low and 75% render… Not sure why this would be more intensive on my rig when these Big names output better fps at medium to High settings…

Anybody else having problems with the FPS spikes?


ION is still in Alpha and has a lot of optimization to go. With each passing week, there have been FPS increases. We just have to make due for now and be patient <3 In time FPS shouldn’t be an issue!

There are also some small alternatives that can help boost your fps such as the following launch option via steam: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4
I also hear that 1600x900 resolution will give you some more frames as well

In the future, this post might be better off in the closed alpha section.


-sm4 only removes raytracing shadows from the game, and the performance increase is unreliable. Instead, I would suggest -d3d10 to force the game to render in DX9 (but expect significantly reduced appearance).


The game is gpu heavy so putting all on low makes no sence :stuck_out_tongue: try bumping the settings :slight_smile: or consider a new gpu now that prices are Dank AF. its a good time to upgrade.

you could use some more vRam honestly :slight_smile: