Free to Play Weekend - Nov 29


Free to Play Weekend Incoming!

Join us on Thursday November 29th through December 2nd for Islands of Nyne’s first F2P weekend! Download and play the game for free all weekend and help us celebrate the launch of our first major patch and huge game discount! If you’re looking to see what new features and content we’ve got in store for you, head on over to our Live Trello Board which offers live development updates as well as our feature roadmap.

Prepare for Prizes

With the inclusion of private servers during the next update, we’ll be hosting official Islands of Nyne tournaments with prize support during and after the F2P weekend! Stay tuned for more information regarding official and partner-run events in the coming days leading up to Nov 29th. We’re extremely excited to see the competitive IoN scene grow and we hope you’re just as excited to participate!

Developer Interview

Define Human Studios Co-Founder Rob Logan answers your questions about the current and future state of IoN and doesn’t hold back! Check out his interview with BigFry and learn a little more about some of the exciting features to come!

Stay tuned for event details as well as a video showcasing some of the features in next patch!

-Define Human



Can’t wait to see everyone back in the dome! <3 Watch your back :wink:


I will be there! I love this game !


Great news ! :scream: Love it!


I’m so ready for this!




It’s hard to get pumped up for this when you get disappointed everytime you go to play and all I can do is start a fire in the warm up area and fall asleep.
Keeping my fingers crossed it will bring some new players into the mix.


What are you guys doing to promote the free weekend? I hope it does well because this game is all I’ve been wanting to play


Can I get a refund lol? seriously disappointed in the advertising of this game. Matter of fact didnt even know or hear about a F2P weekend. There is NO advertisement for this game. No large streamer endorsement or anything. Step it up man.


Why don’t you just hop on with us tonight and play!!


Becaseu and no offense but there is like the same maybe 200 people playing and Id love to have the game have maybe even just a few thousand at a time so we get different competition and im just sad at the advertising of the game.


Have you been paying attention? This game is being put together by 12 people they are doing the best they can to make this game succeed they are pushing after this update


and I never said the game was bad, nor did I say the devs such. I simply said im disappointed in the advertisement. If the game gains even a few thousand people Ill play this game over ALL other br instantly! So I hope you are right!


I completely agree with you but the devs decided going another route and improving before promoting which I agree with as well, but I hope to see you in the arena sometime. I’m gonna be playing with everyone today


You guys really need to go F2P… I’ve been playing since last year but the player base isnt growing at all… Think about how much money could be made on skins and what not… Its sad cause they game is really good but I am a worried you guys are gonna get stuck on the island after the ship takes off… Take it for what its worth I guess… Much love to the Devs, I hope the CEO makes a smart decision.


Fortnite just had a qualification winter tourney, where if you killed someone, you gained shield. This is perfect imo. That way you dont need to camp to have shield for late game.


Super excited for the update btw!


When does this go live!?