Frequent Updates! Get Them Here!


We’ll have new info leaking out quite a bit over the next few days… something’s coming, and you’re going to love it! We’re all working our tails off to pack the game with amazing new content, and we’re dying to tell you all about it! :smile:

By the way, you can click the top image to go see the full 4k resolution version of this amazing shot, and download it if you like! :wink:

Keep an eye on all our social media for buuuuuuuuuuunches of upcoming updates. We know you’ve all been waiting so long, but we’re using every passing second to make sure it’s worth it!

Here’s a link to every possible place you will be finding new information (and I’ll update this post, as well):

Steam Group:

Thanks to each and every one of you for showing support, and we’ll see you! :heart:️️

Next, we have the first look at one of the newer additions to the upcoming update, the CX4 Storm! Click the image for the full 1080p version!

Stay tuned for more tidbits as we near the upcoming big reveal! :grinning:



Good to hear everyone made it threw Irma sooooo excited to see what is in store for my #1 favorite island. I feel like a child ordering stuff from amazon to get from Santa on Christmas. On a side note I just realized the importance of the game title. This is the “Islands of Nyne” the plural of island never really regestered. #hypetrain #islandSofNyne #devleaks #IrmacantstopIoN


First post updated with new info!


server going online this week?