Game loading issue


I’ve started playing ION last night and I already found some issues.
Sometimes for some slower pcs players don’t really get into the waiting lobby and warm up and gets teleported instantly to the dome with game started already. Please make sure to put maybe a checker on whether the player is loaded and in the waiting room yet or not.
Another issue is related to the issue i just mentioned before as well. If a player joins after the game started because of a slower pc, players sometimes don’t have an option to glide midair to other parts of the map. When landed, sometimes players can’t look around and sometimes players can’t move.
Major bugs hope the devs will work on it


Hey Owenklui,

Thank you for reporting these issues. Both issues are known and will be worked on for future patches.


hello i am having same problem i bought this game yesterday and i only play one game out of it so please fix it soon because i think this game have lot of potential


Same here. I often get kicked into the “home” area. Cant really play with my friend. He is playing and i get kicked out of the game -.-


Optimization is one of our main focuses at the moment. Please be patient as you will see massive improvements over the upcoming waves.


@CyberxD i guess we just have to wait


Hi, my girl bought me Islands of Nyne as a gift for me and when I downloaded it I was excited and all but when I tried betting on a lobby I can’t after 10 tries or more I only got in to 2 and played 2 or 3 matches, and the usual response I get while im on the loading screen is jist a freeze and after tons of minutes of waiting I get kicked by the Battleye and I’m just really sad because I can’t play this game and I tried many options with it, all I can play properly is the training :–(( I hope the dev team notice this I really want to play this game.

A fan from Philippines (been waiting for your game since 2015)


*getting on a lobby