Headshots need to be rewarded, but not a necessity + more feedback


This game caters too much to expert players. And there just aren’t that many expert players to fill the lobbies.

  1. The emphasis on headshots is a turn off for most. You can’t have a BR game where it takes 6-8 body shots to kill someone (especially when it’s only a 1 shot headshot). This causes Medium/low skilled people to die too often because body shots don’t damage enough and then they get one-shotted by a higher skilled person after putting 6+ bullets into them. That is frustrating, feels cheap, and isn’t fun. Which means most stop playing. There are far more medium and lower skill players than there are highly skilled / expert players. Something has to be done to decrease the delta between headshots and body shots damage. Adding 10-15% damage to body shots would probably do the trick. Still keeps experts happy because skill gap is present but it will give everyone else a few more kills/wins, which means a more fun, less cheap experience. Headshots need to be rewarded without being necessary.

  2. TTK is an unbalanced mess. Some say it’s too fast, some say it’s slow. The problem is they are both right. Some of this I’ve already discussed above with body shot damage needing a buff, but that needs to coincide with rebalancing of weapon accuracy/recoil/effective range/bullet drop/etc. ARs are wayyyy too effective at all ranges (mainly the MK18) and in general guns are too accurate while running/jumping. SMGs are worthless unless you get headshots,(mainly ump), shotguns firerate is way too high, ARs are lasers from all ranges, storm is great but ARs are better even on full auto so why use it, sako is good but still gets beat by ARs even at ranges it shouldn’t. Bottom line is the engagements need to be satisfying for both ends of the skill base spectrum while still maintaining the skill gap. Final thought here, I think TTK is more of a gun recoil/accuracy issue than a damage issue (buff body damage please!)

  3. I get that you are a small team but your updates have been sterile when it comes to impacting gameplay. Only meaningful thing you’ve addressed since launch was slowing down the circles. Everything else has been footnote worthy. Your next update’s big item is VOIP. I mean, I get that it’s needed and was supposed to be in at launch but respectfully, most of your player base is on discord and/or disables in game chat. Meanwhile your ARs are breaking your game, TTK is a mess, can’t mark locations on the map, the landing animation needs to be reworked, no enemy awareness during landing sequence, can’t rez teamates without syringe, the lady’s voice is too f***ing loud, footsteps can’t be heard soon enough and good luck if they are above or below you. The color contrast makes spotting enemies troublesome, etc. I know this can’t be addressed over night but all of this has been posted in forums, mods have “passed it to the devs” then…crickets. Nothing in the updates, no posts saying “hey we hear you and here is our plan…”. It just makes me feel like you aren’t listening. And on a side note “This game just may not be for you” isn’t an excuse to stick to bad ideas or design choices that you love but your players don’t.

IoN has a great foundation and a ton of potential but if you want to get players back and want to keep players around you need to seriously consider these recommendations and listen to your player base.


“A community driven First-Person-Only Battle Royale game with a core focus on fast-paced, skill-driven gameplay”

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I’m glad your copy and past works.

How is buffing body damage a little to reduce the delta between bodyshots/headshots removing skill driven gameplay? Headshots are still king but enables non headshot encounters to feel more balanced, less cheap, etc.

Populations on servers speak for how people feel about the current “Skill-driven gameplay”. Time to lean a little bit in the direction of the masses. Test it out for a few weeks and adjust again. Isn’t that what EA is all about?


If you don’t want a skill-driven game, don’t buy this one. If they take skill out of a game, I stop playing it immediately. If they decided to make this a casual game for casuals, I would demand my money back immediately. That’s not what these dev’s promised us.

I prefer chess to checkers. If people are sad that they lose at chess to more skilled players, then they can go play checkers, or learn to play chess. Destroying the game of chess so that novice’s won’t be able to complain that it’s too hard is a foolish decision.

Chess is a much larger game than checkers because it has greater depth. Improvement in your skill directly affects your score. Checkers has a much lower skill cap, so practicing for long hours at checkers will not improve your score nearly as much as the same time invested in playing chess will.

A game with a low skill cap can become popular quickly, but then everyone grows bored and stops playing it once there is nothing more to take away. Checkers is for children. When kids grow up they will stop playing it.


I didn’t say the game shouldn’t be skill driven. I also didn’t say it should be made for casuals. I just said it needs to lean that way a little more so it can appeal to more of an audience. I like what it’s trying to be but I feel like they over corrected a tad. Not sure how this is at all confusing to both of you.


I get your points, i might agree or not. But this has nothing to do with people not playing it much.
I think it’s not been bought much. Nobody stopped playing because of the damage vs hitbox or whatever damage balancing. Come on, do you really think that it’s the case ? just thinking of Counter Strike make me think it’s not.

The actual thing is that the map is overall pretty much looking the same all around and there’s not been much peek of player online. Probably went out too early… Whatever enjoy it or not the game might not need such moves in my opinion.


@Boon, any online FPS is a skill driven game. It’s not fair and fun 8 bullets are needed into the whole body to kill someone and only 1 in the head no matter what rifle you use. The gap in skill between pro-players and casuals is too big because of that. There should be a good balance, like with everything.


@baugette Ice_Queen_NL’s post addresses yours. You’re right, hitboxes, ttk, weapon accuracy, etc. Aren’t the specific reasons people aren’t playing, but the combination of those leads to people not having fun because it’s out of balance, and feels unfair or “cheap”. What makes CSGo popular/fun doesn’t directly translate to Battle Royale.


I guess that if the situation is not fair it will be looked after. Just happy the way it is now, if the situation gets even better i wont complain.


I get your points, i might agree or not. But this has nothing to do with people not playing it much. … Nobody stopped playing because of the damage vs hitbox or whatever damage balancing. Come on, do you really think that it’s the case ?

Actually, that’s exactly why I quit playing.