HEAR MY PLEA, Pay attencion to our requests


Please, I live day by day hoping I will not die before this game is realeased. I am afraid that with all this waiting people will end up giving up on playing IoN, please, don’t let that happen. Please give us some info about a next alpha wave, or next something, the game idea is great, it is faster than PUBG, from what I saw some guys playing I find it perfect, you guys have potencial of making something good, the game was green lit by Steam community because IT WAS/IS GOOD. The only thing about this game that is bad is it’s DEVS, please give more attencion to IoN. Don’t let it die, #hope


Every day we see posts like yours. I hope you realize that in order for IoN to be the great game you oh so want it to be, the devs need to… well you know… physically work on the game?

The amount of crying I see in this forum and on discord is just pathetic. Be patient and just let the Devs work on the goddamn game.

I dont understand why most people seem to think these games magically make themselves…


is nice and good that they work on it.
but for more info about the game and how far they are you can post before. why have you already sold the gold pack. if you have to work at the game for a long time.

and i also bought the goldpacket and i want to play again.



I feel like this is coming from someone who’s has access to the closed alphas which justifies your ability to, “be patient,” while waiting for this game. I, on the other hand was not able to preorder in time so I have not gotten a chance to play it.

Honestly, I was insanely hyped during the previous alpha stages and watched tons of videos on it and it looks really well executed. I guess the problem is that since then, my hype has pretty much fallen flat, I haven’t heard anything about the game in awhile now and have gotten no clues given as to when early access will be.

I feel like now would be an excellent time to put it into early access what with that other BR game testing their new map right now that makes it LOOK LIKE ION! I just don’t want this game to miss out on the BR hype train, I want the community to thrive and do well, that’s hard to do when there hasn’t been any updates given on the game.

That’s just my two cents.


They do not give us any updates, I just want to know how things are going and stuff.


Holy fuck. Y’all sound worse then my 5 year old nephew who has his toy taken away. “I’m upset! Pay attention to me! I’m upset! Listen! Listen! Listen! I want! I want!”. This is what happens when kids grow up expecting everything to be handed to them if they cry load enough. Blows my fucking mind.

P.s. IoN. Take as much time as y’all need. There are plenty of people willing to wait.


I want updates, if you don’t want them, than congratulations for you big boy. I just want to know how things are going, I am not stop complaining on the time they are taking to make the game, I am complaining that they do not inform us about anything.


Ive given up on this game. Plenty of new games like Ring of Elysium, PUBGs new map and updates, Proxima Royale, Radical Heights, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, Scum and so many others to focus on.
This game is always putting on E-Sports Invitationals. If its ready for that then there is no reason other than to tease us to not allow the public early access at this point.


But they DO give updates. Maybe not when you next get to play it but you can watch the devs live stream the programming from time to time as well as make architectural changes on Twitch. PUBG’s new map is awesome but it is not anywhere near finished, radical heights and RoE are both H1Z1 level of completion and graphics and lag. Greatness come to those who wait and us waiting will make this game great. I have gotten to play and the hype is real. Also, by waiting we are giving Epic time to roll out engine patches so the game should have up to 4 TIMES lower ping by the time it is finally released.