Hotfix for December 3rd


Day 3 since the return of our Closed Alpha test and your feedback has been absolutely incredible! We are adding fixes and improvements in this hotfix to improve gameplay, and you know we’re already working on more for the next alpha wave! :wink:

Alpha Wave 12 will be online until 11:59 PM PST December 5th, (04:59 GMT December 6th)
We are planning to run the servers for extended weekends throughout December!


• We’ve opened up traffic for our OC and SEA servers
• Safe zone stages adjusted to improve match pacing and diminish mid-round lull
• Added hotkey to mute/unmute all sound in player staging area (CTRL + M)
• Player staging area network optimizations
• Grenade bug fixes (stops spinning when idle)
• Prop lighting optimizations
• Fixed Jump-pad sometimes not triggering a sound when used
• Hole in fortress fixed
• Gungame weapons updated to include sights and suppressors in first cycle
• Fixed Ready Up button sometimes not working properly
• Fixed hipfire crosshair not reappearing after sprinting and still holding sprint key

Expect these in the next alpha wave:

• Compass redesign
• Map location names
• Proximity looting (tab looting)
• Recoil adjustments
• Alternative keybinds

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the support and feedback! :blush:


Woot! Nice changes. Can’t wait for Compass redesign! Wasn’t that bad before, but it will be nice being easier to tell teammates where the enemy lies. Keep up the great work.


looks awesome so far! I was wondering if these things were also to be included in future patches:

Weapon sway on/off option (motion sickness)

Optimized FPS/Higher FPS for smoother gameplay

Optimized body looting system (very difficult to loot dead bodies because everything stacks on top of each other. Although proximity looting will probably fix that.)

Crosshair customization or opacity options (sometimes can’t see crosshair)

Some sort of way to call locations to teammates (in case new compass doesn’t have 360)

Spacebar to respawn in lobby deathmatch (Just quality of life I guess)

More incentive to win games (could be lootboxes)

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into the game, it’s really showing that you care about the game rather than just wanting to make money off it. Good luck for future developments and hope it goes smoothly!! :smiley:

Edit: Almost forgot, possibility of looting ammo just by walking over it.


Hi @SJCs2 thanks for the great questions and suggestions :grinning:

  1. Are you referring to screen bob instead of weapon sway maybe? Screen bob is when the screen itself bobs around when you’re sprinting. We currently do not have weapon sway in the game which is when you’re aiming and your screen slowly moves around to make staying on target a little more challenging.

  2. Optimization is something we are always working on and is constantly improving. Expect better performance and scalability with each update we release.

  3. As mentioned in this post, we are working on implementing a proximity loot interface for next wave.

  4. We’ll be focusing on improving the crosshair and offering plenty of customization options for it in a later patch.

  5. As mentioned in this post, we are working on adding map location names to the POI (points of interest) markers on the in-game map. This should be in next wave.

  6. Spacebar to respawn during gungame is a great idea and we’ll definitely add that one to our list!

  7. Character/weapon customization in addition to detailed match and persistent stats have been in the works for quite some time. Look out for those features in the coming weeks!

Thanks for the great feedback and support!


Looks good guys!


Oh man I’m even more hyped now. Thank you so mich for all the info! I’ll be sure to try to make more content based on Ion :heart:


But but but my vivox isn’t working


I’ve been wondering if v-sync and FOV above 100 are going to be put in.

Are we allowed to change those settings in the config files right now?