How do i buy this game?


this game looks amazing , im very intested to support the devs by buying and testing it.

im a ex cs pro player and played pubg i want to see how it feels.


New keys will be available when the game goes into early access, I think :slight_smile:


This is crazy I’ve been waiting for days and nothing! I’ve been trying to contact devs via support ticket, I also tried via discord. NOTHING! I want to stream this game instead of fortnite but apparently there’s no way for me to get the game?! I just want to show off the game to viewers and friends because it looks DOPE.

Is there anyone somewhere who could PM me a key!? I can also buy it! I would love a gold bundle!


relax dude, the devs are working. they gonna let us know when theyre ready to push the game out. its not like youre the only one wanting to play the game so sit back and relax like everyone else.


Hey friends,

There is currently no way to get a key at the moment. The servers are also currently offline with no announced date yet on when they will coming back so you aren’t missing anything.