[IMPORTANT] The price on the steam market is not the same everywhere, we players are losing money, you too and Steam too



This is the first time I see it on a game but it’s quite disturbing …

We, the players, are losing money because fools do not see the real price, you and Steam too.

Let me explain, when you go to the steam market and select the islands of Nyne, you will come to this page (I ranked the most expensive skins at less expensive):


The price you see on the right is not the same as if you click on the item you want to buy / sell.

I will take a very concrete example because I look at the price every day, the Sentinel helmet. My companion has managed to have it in an open box and wants to sell it except that the price of the skin is indicated at 14 € for more than a week.

So sometimes the skins go back to 20, 22 euros when many are sold but it always decreases to 14 € because people do a search, do not even click on the article, he sees only 14 € after that so it goes little below.

I bought and sold on the Steam market for a long time, my account is 2k4 and it’s the first time I’ve seen such a difference in price.

So 2 possibility in my opinion:

  • Steam has a very big problem of reducing market prices on your particular game.
  • Either you have decided to restrict market prices on certain items (possible, I do not know).

I would like a concrete answer rather than a simple like on my first post …

Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my original language …