Increase Hip-Fire Accuracy Suggestion


I personally believe that the hip-fire accuracy is way to inaccurate. When hip-fire shooting a pistol from two feet away from the wall, it sometimes doesn’t even come close to the crosshair.

I do believe there should be an inaccuracy for hip-fire, but I think it is currently too inaccurate. Hip-firing a gun in close combat should be a technique that can be utilized well, but it currently feels like hip-firing (even two feet away) is useless.

I am curious about everyone else’s opinion on this game mechanic. I do want to say once more, I do believe there should be a hip-fire inaccuracy, but it should be much less than the current system.


i agree the hipfire is pretty inaccurate but tbh i rage everytime in h1z1 if someone hipfires me into my head.


IMO hipfire should remain inaccurate although it should be tweaked slightly.

Although I have no idea how your gun remained inaccurate within 2 feet (0.6 meter) away. I’ve hipfired and spammed enemies with the M9A1 and Desert Eagle pistols before from 10 meters away, and both were accurate. Although beyond that, that’s where it should stay inaccurate.

The reason it should remain inaccurate is because I don’t want the gunplay to be like CSGO, most guns don’t have ADS in that game.


it’s accurate enough if you have a laser on it.

if everything in a game is easy, then why even play?


I agree when standing still or even crouching the spread on the hip fire is too inaccurate in my opinion.