IoN Patch 1.5 Feedback


>>READ ME FIRST<< Please dont downvote me and say “game is dead”, i just want ION to be better and I dont want to have spent all my time in vain. And If you only have negativity to spread about this game fuck off this subreddit please (or at least of this post.)
Also sorry for any misspellings english is not my native language


The problem of the zone isn’t its speed, but the wait time between the zone being frozen and moving. Currently, the wait time is very low, (which probably is happening because the zone was adjusted for a low match player count rather than a full match) so the zone waits literally just 5 seconds (!) to start moving.

THIS HAS TO BE FIXED ASAP, since its disrupting the flow of the matches making people die to the environment easily and making new players even more frustated (this game has a very competitive and hardcor appeal, and making new players EVEN MORE frustated than they should is bad for the experience of playing in general).

The fact that the safe zone is like that currently has another serious consequence: players have no choice but landing in the safe, and that makes some hot drops very crowded (more they should be) and that is why people are dying easily at the beginning (and that is always frustrating in a BR) , which also disrupts the flow of the matches. On the other hand, that also makes hot drops outside of the safe very empty (even places like the beam).


The Zone’s purpose is to make players to move, not to kill them easily. Currently, it is BROKEN and that causes serious issues like

MAKING MORE PEOPLE DIE TO THE ENVIRONMENT, (which leads to frustration)


Make the Zone being FROZEN for MORE TIME

Make NANO MEDS spawn more often so that players don’t die so often to the ZONE


Dying in a BR because someone killed you with no gun is always annoying, but giving a gun to everyone at the start isnt the proper way to fix that. The majority at the people who I talked to at the ION discord agree with that. So I’ll give some suggestions to fix that issue without having to make everyone have a deagle at the start.

> Making hot drops in the zone spawn more weapons

These are the most crowded areas in the game so the game should increase the weapon rate spawn in hot drops inside the first safe.

> Making the knife being a one hit kill

That way players would still have some chance against weaponed players in the beginning of the match

this is not a priority but it still could be fixed

The training mode is a very good part of the game because it lets you to improve your skills in a offline and calm environment.

However, since launch and with the new update there are some issues that could be fixed and QoL improvements that could be done. Some suggestions here:


- Scopes Bug

There is an issue with the scopes since launch, that when you equip the scopes in any gun, and then fire a shot, the scope disappears. It is a very annoying thing that is in the game for a certain time, so please, ION devs, try to fix this!


- Having infinite Scrap

With the recently added Scrap system, we can now upgrade guns in 3 levels. However, even scrapping every item in the training mode, you can only, for example, upgrade your AK to level 2. So I suggest as a QoL change being able to upgrade freely your weapons. In other words, having infinite scrap on the training mode.

- Having an option to “Reset” the looting table

Another QoL change that would help with the mode. Not a high priority thing though

- Having the Gauntlet in the Training Mode and with infinite Energy

  • The Gauntlet and the Class System are very interesting ideas but should be able to test them on the training mode. When they put all classes in it would be good to test the classes gadgets offline to choose what class you want before hopping in a game. Just like with the scrap system, put the energy INFINITE, so that you can test it freely.


Shotguns are OP, they should have the damage reduced

ARs and SMGs are in a little awkward place right now, because you cant equip ACOGs in ARs until level 3 and the hipfire spread of SMGs is too much for effective using at CQB.

Snipers are fine at the moment IMO, they are just too rare.


> Reduce requirement to put ACOGs in ARs from Level 3 to Level 2.

> Reduce hip fire spread in SMGs.

> Increase a little sniper spawn rate.

ION DEVS, I hope you see this and fix this issues. The update is awesome, it just needs some tweaks and bug fixes and it will be perfect. Also, the new lightning made game look so much better!


Hey PapelHigienico,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! You’ll be glad to hear that some of your suggestions we are already working on in the background such as training room adjustments/fixes, nano med solutions, and more. I’ll be sure to pass your other thoughts along though as well.


Good to hear that. Any plans on adjusting the wait time between zones? (They are way to short IMO, inviabilizing hot dropping in places far from the first circle)


I’m sure we will be tuning and adjusting it in the future.


In fact the biggest problem of the zone is the first circle, because you have no time to loot (as I said on the post). The other circles are fine. So IMO the first zone should have a longer wait time


The reason for the short wait times is that this allows the zone to move slower. Most people hate if they get caught off-guard and can’t outrun the zone, so we rather have shorter wait times between zone movements.

Right now the zone timings are very aggressive, as we fixed some bugs that affected timings and made some tweaks for low player counts. We’ll have to adjust this again, especially now that there are more things to do (and more will come). It’s not a priority right now though since it’s very easy to make things worse by accident, so I expect we’ll start tweaking this after the F2P weekend.