Is a relaunch something that you guys have considered?


Bring this new (1.0? if thats what your calling the next big update) in with a clean slate?

Relaunch could provide some buzz in itself and would acknowledge the past fudge ups to a degree.

You could reevaluate the pricing and when you do decide its time to start the promotional push, Wouldn’t a relaunch be much more enticing for newer players that haven’t invested yet rather than trying to convince them to buy a game that has little to no players playing?

With the way the game was handled @ launch it could really use a fresh start and i just hope its something you guys have or will consider.


the fresh start is what will happen when it leaves early access, that is their actual launch, the launch into EA was not their main launch


That is like a year away my guy lol.


I know, this was not their official launch, this is the launch into open beta :slight_smile: Marketing hasnt been done, it will however once things are in abetter state and definately around time of leaving EA


A relaunch requires that there has been a significant advacement in thz game, else you get bad press for being greedy.

At this stage i am thinking about having a daily double credit on your first game or activable so that players would play a least a game per day or more until they feel like activatibg the bonus.
If people come back daily it would surely attract even more. Now i believe that farming skins is the only reward other than farming top 1, rank are not a real thing yet.


daily quests are coming as mentioned in the roadmap as well as skins yyou can spend extra credits on that are not in crates. This is just the start to keep players playing each day :slight_smile: I like the idea of bonus credits for the first match or first few matches as well to promote people to hop in each day to get their bonus credits!


I missed the part about the part of the daily quest. Looking forward to having that implemented. It will bring back some players yay!


Yeah we are considering it after we have the game in a state where we think player retention will be better. That includes, but it is not limited to things like daily/weekly quests, seasons, leveling rewards and generally more depth of the game itself and more things to do.
And yeah it’s not gonna happen over night (as much as we wish it would and I’m sure you do too), but everyone can help us get there and contribute to the project by providing feedback and ideas :slight_smile:


Thats awesome to hear.

I think a fresh start could help usher in a new community coming in with a clean slate and less negative bias.