Islands of Nyne: Discord Server


hey i was just messaging you about getting my stuff all set up on the server The Bush Hermit on discord


To all the newly added people in Discord today, welcome to the (Discord)community!


Thanks @Noveltease! I just joined the community today after @Ooey let me know about it.


I got my title! woot!


Hellow hellow!
First of all, a happy new year 2017 to everyone of y’all :wink:

Now, it would be a pleasure if you could add my role on discord - same username as here! :slight_smile:
Looking forward, cheers! :smiley:


Added you :+1:


i joined discord. And i have access to pre alpha pls update.


i joined discord too and i have access to pre alpha.
my name in discord is diazlide.


Added you. :+1:


I am still waiting until your badge gets added. I will grant you Discord access as soon as it goes through.



Joined! username: joventuraz


Got you added :+1:


I should be there now


Sorry, I do not see a Galnart in Discord.


Btw is it possible for you to make my nick appear as Failzor in your channel?

Edit: Thank you :+1:


Changed your nick name as per request and added you. :+1:


are only those with badges allowed in the pre test alpha(even tho my friend hasnt gotten his yet, nor did he get any confirmation when he backed at the paypal compaign) or can those who have keys( hes giving me one of his 3) get in on that action as well?


Badges are only required to get into the Pre-Alpha channel(or other respective test phase channels) on Discord. I currently have no other way to verify people, and seeing as their is an NDA, must make sure that only people with Pre-Alpha access can see the information in the pre-alpha channels.


sry, thats what i meant by pre alpha test, access to the channel in discord, hes supposed to get 3 pre test keys for tomorrow so ill have access to the pre-alpha, but will i also be able to get into the pre alpha discord channels, since hes the only one getting a badge.