Islands of Nyne: Official Discord


New & Improved Official Discord Server!

With the launch of alpha, we’re moving into exciting new territory for Islands of Nyne! :smiley: Our Discord server will be an important hub for communication about the game, as well as our forums. You can join your fellow gamers in each testing phase, hear the most up-to-date information about build updates, talk about your experiences in each match, and even get to speak directly with the developers (and play games with them) as they create this exciting new world of Battle Royale gameplay. :open_mouth:

How to Join Up:

Click this link, and it will take you to the Getting Started section of the Discord. Please read this section carefully before proceeding, and be aware of the following:

1. The NDA has officially been lifted as of June 2nd! Please consider directing all discussions and questions about the alpha to our Discord server. The game developers are always keeping an eye on discussions there, and they very much appreciate seeing your opinions and game experiences!

2. Alpha members must screenshot the lobby screen of the game with their in-game name in the top left of the screen; this name must match your Discord name in order to gain alpha access rights to the Discord. This can be easily accomplished by editing your Steam profile to change your name in the event that it does not match.

3. Direct message an online moderator (just one, do not spam every mod) and post the screenshot. You will then be granted access to the alpha channels where you can discuss the game with other alpha members.

Thank You for Choosing the Islands of Nyne!

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Are the servers up?


Ok so to chat on discord we need a photo of the home screen? I’ve never used discord before so sorry for being a noob. My discord name is LeadManWalking if it can be verified like that. Thanks for the help


Can I please be verified so I can chat in discord? Discord name is LeadManWalkin#4661. I would do a pic to for early backer but I can’t type anything in the chat bar till I get verified. Thanks for the help.


We are only verifying for Alpha status. Unfortunately, if you cannot supply the necessary screenshot detailed in the instructions, there isn’t much we can do. Sorry. :disappointed:


Ok. Will just play the game and not talk about it. Thanks anyways



hey i got kicked/banned from the discord can i get unbanned plz


Only the person who banned you can lift the ban. If you’re interested in rejoining, you can message a moderator on Discord to see who banned you and then talk to that person directly. :wink: Bans are not given out often, nor are they given without serious consideration. I’d suspect that you were only given a few days of punishment for whatever happened, so you’ll be able to rejoin before long! :grinning:


Hey i was wondering every invite link to the discord says its expired i have never been in the discord before so im very confused. my Discord name is
:globe_with_meridians: Kuzner | Konkuest |:globe_with_meridians:#9313


Not sure what you mean? The Discord link in the OP works perfectly when I test it. :smile:


I still try to and it keeps saying its expired?


Like i tried so many invite links they all say expired and i cant join


Have you tried the link in the first post in this thread? That’s why it’s there! :grin:

Alpha Key Registration Begins!