June Newsletter: Release Date & Official Gameplay Trailer!



It’s happening! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a date. Not only a date, but a kickass gameplay trailer to go along with it. We’ve been working hard on making sure everything’s up to spec for Early Access, and although it’s not quite the Q2 release date we were striving for, it’s damn near close. We know everyone’s been clamoring to play Islands of Nyne - our mailing list is bursting at the seams and our community is growing by the day. We’re expecting a big turnout on launch day and we’re resolute on making sure our servers can handle it. So take a nap and set your alarms for July 12th and we’ll see you in the dome, player!

Disclaimer: no QA testers were harmed during the making of this film

Alongside our commitment to ensuring a successful launch, we’ve been making plenty of progress in other areas of development such as character customization and progression, the pre-queue warmup area, performance, sound design, matchmaking, QoL improvements… the list goes on! Catch a glimpse below of our new inspect animation showing off one of the exclusive Kickstarter backer skins accompanied by scenes of the new prequeue area. We’re extremely excited to share all these new goodies with you (except for the Kickstarter skin… unless you backed it, sorry) and will be revealing more sneak peeks of new features and skins in the coming weeks.

The countdown to Early Access has begun. Prepare for Dome transport in 321



I don’t remember the last time I was this excited. Great job guys!


Time for the hype to come realll


Nice i already bought it in pre order in as closed Beta will the game be added to store list?


Hey ALF2,

Yes, you will get a new key mailed to you when it hits Early Access on steam.


Is this skin only for Kickstarter? :frowning:https://forums.islandsofnyne.com/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b8f7645d9269321bbf5899e30cb173b663fde7fd.jpg


Hi Sweetmoon,

It is, but don’t worry, if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter all those years ago we’ve got plenty of other beautiful skins you’ll be able to unlock in game. We’ll be revealing more of them in the coming weeks up to Early Access launch.


nice =] getting excited again


If i bought this game on kickstarter like ages ago where will I get my key sent??


Hi L1zRd,

It’ll get sent to the email address you put down in the rewards survey we sent to all backers via the email tied to their Kickstarter account.


If i got a key from buying a monitor does that key get upgraded to an early access key as well?


Hey DJfinendandy,

The key that you got with your monitor was only for the closed alpha. You will have to purchase the game when it hits early access.


How much will the game be on Steam?