Just an opinion of a player who loves your game


Hello devs, hello guys!

I wanted to post a message here to make you aware, you developer.

I buy your game the day of its release on Steam (I regret not having done it before: D) and I must say that I love the first second. I like to play to win and this game is clearly made for the competition.

I start the BR on The Culling then H1Z1, PUBG and Fortnite recently. All his games are different and good but yours is in my opinion for a lot of reason but it’s not the subject of my post.

I do not know the story of the development of the game but what I read on the forums it’s a hell of a time that the game is under construction.
So certe it’s an alpha, when it came out there were problems but the number of players is not enough now.

May be with Steam sales revenue you go to invest in marketing, but it will not be too late? For example the trailer video on YouTube is only 175k view at the time or I write its lines while some more than ridiculous videos are much better.

Personally I had my wife and 3 friends buy the game, which makes 4 people. I like this game and I talk to who I can.
I saw that you just made 30 partnership on Twitch which is good and it will bring a little visibility but there are other things to do for my taste!

I also wanted to address a second very important point, your communication.
Only 2 news since the release of the game on 2 patches.

You had not done any real news on the roadmap, the priorities of your devs etc. Yes it’s written on the Steam page but I do not call it a roadmap.

I never subscribe to forums or I never try to make my contribution and my expectations of a game, but I think that maybe I can help with what I just said.

PS: I buy the game on July 17th to be exact, I already have 99 hours and i’m Diamond 1 in solo.

Thanks for reading me.
A man who loves your game


Exactly, thank you


I also love this game. And my fear is that the player base won’t take off. There has to be a hook for a large market. I’ll be sad if ION doesn’t make it. I dislike Fortnite all together and PUBG I like in theory but the game is a giant piece a garbage. Dsync, hackers, clunky mechanics, no region locks, on and on. You know, all the stuff ION does well at. But why isn’t ION exploding like PUBG did early in dev? No idea. I love ION and have had 3 or 4 friends buy it and they all love it. It’s one of those things though, if nobody’s playing it…nobody will play it.

[IMPORTANT] The price on the steam market is not the same everywhere, we players are losing money, you too and Steam too