Kill time


I noticed that the whole arms are the same damage as chest has made it impossible to defend yourself, you die almost instantly from any direction and are unable to have an actual gun fight with someone because you die so quick, I think last week was far better then this weeks because of this, this goes both ways, I have killed people off a spray to the body that wouldn’t normally kill them as well as me being killed instantly upon being shot and having absolutely no time to react.


very much agreed. Would love to see the changes reverted or even pushed further than what they were. For a game that is as skill oriented as IO9, this update feels very reminiscent to call of duty in a bad way. I’m hopeful that there will be compromises made though.


I posted something similar about this last weekend. I comepletly agree. Time to kill should be increased.


Did not enjoy the new changes to the damage model. Felt like I was getting melted instantly with every encounter, no time to react at all. This was only my third test weekend and the game felt great before this, so I’m really hoping you revert the damage changes. Glad you dropped squads to four though, five was way too large.