Killing a Downed Ruins The Fights Purpose



This opinion is based both on experiences of this and other BRs.

When playing in Duos or Squads and you get a Downed teammate, the focus of the fight quickly goes to saving your mate, instead of fighting the other team.
In a Competitive game like this, it is really a sad thing. Because as you see in other BRs the whole thing about killing downed people becomes sort of a “gentleman’s call”. Like “If you dont kill our mate, we wont kill yours” and in the rare occasion this happens, you can have a decent fight.

HOWEVER, often people completely Kill the downed player, and if you end up in a 4v1 and the last Player downs one of the 4 guys left, he will most likely just try to “ruin” their game, by killing the guy completely, than actually trying to fight the guys.
The reason for this is often “my chances are slim, so f*ck you guys”. This completely ruins the experince, and often end out in end-games where it’s 4v1 or 4v2…

The Squad games would be so much better, if you get the chance to end up in 4v4 fights - ACTUAL SQUAD FIGHTS.

A solution could be, that When you are downed, you cant be killed unless your bloodloss time runs out. Or maybe because your team has to leave you behind because of the Ring closing in.

But it would make for much better fights if the focus could be on taking these fights 4v4, and having a greater chance of ending with all your mates in a 4v4 end-game. (This is also much more cool competetively speaking).

One of the worst things in the game is also that When you get killed off as a Squad member, you just sit and wait for the end and next game, which is So boring and feels like such a waste of time.

Overall the Downing system as it is right now in the BRs is not really a well-functioning mechanic. It brings more frustration than joy. But if you can change this, I’ll bet it would give a completely different feel to the game.

AT LEAST just try it for a while as an experiment.

EDIT: If you get a downed teammate, it also sets a timer for the fight to get done quicker (You could play with the timing of the bloodloss). AAND it may make the opponent team push (as a strategic call while it’s a 4v3) so that he doesn’t get revived again. (Cool Fight Strategies ensues 8))


So you want to take the punishment for being downed out of the game? Killing a downed guy in squads is far more strategic than just “Ruining their fun” its so they cant be rezzed to make the fight harder for you to win. Just dont get downed.


I disagree, it is still a strategic thing to be downed. you still need to revive the guy. This opportunity of them having to revive a guy (who is not neccesarily in cover), is a very strategic thing. You can push right then and there, or use him as bait (if he’s in the open). I already wrote that.

Edit: And it’s not just about ruining their fun. It’s also about reaching interesting end games. As I said. You would end up have 4v4 End-game fights (Actual Squad Fights), instead of all these 4v1 endings that occur now, which is basically lame, as the only thing you have to do is have everyone push at the same time.

2nd Edit: “Just dont get downed” - Use that in a commercial.


Making it to the end game with 4 alive is the dream. There is a far more exciting moment to win a game with a 1v4 because your team died earlier. Challenge isnt a bad thing. Getting killed while knocked punishes you more for being knocked.


You shouldnt be punished for being knocked… More often than not, being knock is because you randomly took the first hit. Why should you get punished for that.
The whole getting knocked and killed first is so often more random than a “punishment” for being the worst of your team.
And no, the dream shouldn’t be to make it to the end with 4 alive, the dream should be an epic fight at the end between to full squads. The best of the bunch. And an actual Competitive end. If The end isn’t equal in terms of Players on each side, it’s often more of a random coincidence ending amount of players, which doesn’t lead to show who’s the top dog, but who had the better luck in landing and gear. (PUBG’s problem. Shroud says so himself).

4v4 + everyone geared = Competitive!


It 100% can be a punishment. You can still place yourself in a bad position that gets you killed. If you are a good enough player you wont get knocked. and if you get caught off guard. thats unlucky. but its part of the game. This is a battle royale where if you die your death should feel like a burden. so when you get insta finished your team immediately knows they are down for the rest of the game even if they win the fight. making the game baby proof does not make it better. also the pubg reference is irrelevant, and quoting shroud doesnt mean anything, because it is generally the real competitive players who do finish the knocks (TSM members) because there is a strategy to finishing because now they wont be able to be brought back to make the fight even. also the loot off the drop is part of the game. if you get knocked at the beginning of the game the finish isnt even as necessary because you arent kitted out.


This discussion isn’t leading anywhere. Pointing at the strategic move of killing a downed guy, is basically the only aspect that is special to your view.

You still get loot if you win the fight or they have to leave their mate behind for whatever reason.

And just because TSM players finishes knocked guys, as it is an implemented mechanic, doesn’t mean it’s a good mechanic. It just means the mechanic is there atm…

Also you are limited as a team to how many revives you can do on your mates, as you have to choose between reviving a mate, or saving yourself with the shot + it’s unlikely there will be more shots lying around to pickup.




I really like the way the movement is currently. It makes you have to weigh out your two options accordingly. “Do I move to cover, and have much less time for my teammate to get to me” vs “Do I sit here in the open and have a longer time in the downed state.”

In regards to invincible downed players, that’s just ridiculous. In competitive play, it could become a meta to have one player rush, take out one guy, get downed, and then be able to call out every enemies location to the rest of his team. I think Fortnite has it spot on. There is a delay before you can finish a downed player. Something like 3 seconds. This gives your team enough time to rush the enemy, and take their mind off of finishing you so long as your teammates can keep the pressure on them.


A solution to the downed player seeing everything and everyone, could be to not let him see everything and everyone, once he is downed … Done.

EDIT: This is how CS does it, and it works. You can rush. Call out “2 guys there” And then they have time to reposition if the squad mates don’t use this opportunity.

And by the fucking way guys. I’m not saying IT SHOULD DEFINITELY BE LIKE THIS. I’m only saying that it would be interesting to try another way than what it is now, because it is NOT a perfect mechanic atm, so just as an EXPERIMENT (as I said in the very first post) they could try it out. Wtf is so wrong about trying a new method and why are you so butthurt about trying something else.


You’re right… We are the ones who are butthurt :wink:


Definitely increse speed, and also give downed player the ability to use any pistol, grenades and nano.


Why can’t we all just get along and meet in the final circle without harming anyone else? WHY ARE YOU ALL SUCH BULLIES


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