Knocked or instant dead?


Hello There
I don’t play ION but i wanted to buy it on Steam of it will ne realeased.
My question is : If your HP is 0 , is it Like Pubg that you are Knocked or like H1Z1 that you are instant dead?
LG I3H3avY


Hey I3H3avY,

Currently the game is similar to H1Z1 in team deaths. Since the game is still in development, we’ll have to wait and see if the devs decide to add a DBNO system similar to what PUBG uses.


Ok , thank you for your andere


I hope they do make a dbno system. It really encourages you to fight for your team instead of just fighting for your own life.


This is an old thread, there is now a DBNO system in team games.


Oh i havent played the game yet, so didnt know :smiley:

Thats awesome


Please no knock. In real when i shot you headshot you die not knock.
Developers NO KNOCK ! thanks : - )


I know what you say its not real true. High jumps or some shots its not real but its fun in game… knock its not fun. and one-two hit kill ruined this games… But knock in games is trash because for example:

you are 2 in house (Bot1 Bot2) vs 1 outside. you cant kill him. What now? Bot1 rush outside for bait i kill him and I’ll be back stand up you. logic 0 with knock


I think the knock system for this game is great they have to have one of those healing things to pick up the player thats knocked plus this game is very fast paced