Let's talk the new update (Patch 1.4)


So to start off, this is constructive criticism. This is not a shitpost and this is not bashing the devs. This post is about how my friend and I feel, and maybe some others?

So, one thing that caught my eye in the patch was that you only need 10 players to start a game. This was a great improvement and I really liked this. This took away 10 minute lobbies and now made them no longer than 2-3 minutes for me (in duos). Secondly, in-game, something that I really noticed was that you can no longer outrun the zone and that the zone starts A LOT smaller. Lastly, with all these changes, one thing that very much hurt us, is that the loot ratio/tables are still the same.

Let’s start with the bad in what I said there, for now… One thing that this game had that other games didn’t was being able to outrun the zone. And if I remember, the Dev’s said that was a core component of the game. Now, you cannot outrun it and if you land slightly outside the safe-zone, you still only have time to loot one or two houses before the gas overthrows you. I really liked being able to outrun the zone, especially because even if you got caught slightly out of the zone in a fight, you had time to recover. Now, you can’t fight even when the zone is closing unless you’re in the zone. This does indeed make the game more fast paced, but it also makes it harder to fight while you’e running into the zone. At that point it is basically a “whoever gets into the zone first wins fight.”

When the zone starts a lot smaller, people are forced together. While this may seem great for a fast paced game, it is actually the opposite, to me. It is the opposite because the loot spawns are still the same, and, sometimes people either land before you, or just get a gun in their house and you don’t. In the previous patch, most people could land wherever they needed and get at least 2 or 3 houses before a conflict. Those 2 or 3 houses would easily supply them with what they need for a basic fight (a couple meds, an ar, and a shield or some armor.) Now, you are lucky to land in a house that someone else isn’t also trying to get in and find an AR, or any gun for that matter before they do. Sometimes you’re lucky to get either armor or a weapon, almost never both. Now some may say, land outside the zone. Yes, but no. If you land outside the zone, by the time you land, the zone is already closing and you have about 20 seconds before it reaches you. 20 seconds is about enough time to quick-loot two houses. Sometimes you still won’t get enough loot. When you have less loot, fights go a lot quicker, which is good, but there is also less loot if any except ammo to take from the person. This makes it harder to get more than 2 or 3 kills a game because most of your armor or meds will be gone.

If the loot tables were higher, or more loot spawned in higher quantities, I feel that it would not only entitle more fights making the games quicker, it would also give you better gear for fights because you can re-loot quicker and easier from their bodies or just a house on the way. A constant problem I have, as an aggressive fighter, is running out of meds and having very low armor. You may say to change my play style, but different styles and strategies are who make a community and game unique, so I won’t stop. And as a fast paced game (especially now) you gotta have one.

Lastly, besides the zone coming very quick and less loot, one last thing that hurt us is how small the zone starts. I know it depends on how many players in the game but still, I played a game with 16/17 players and the whole zone size was harbor. That is very hard to try to get enough loot for you and your teammate(s) without getting in a fight within 12 seconds of landing, literally. We know you tried to take out the long mid-game, but now it feels like it is just beginning, land, loot for 15 seconds, fight, end game. The mid-game did help to some degree because you could restock meds or ammo or sometimes get in a good solid fight where you wouldn’t get pinched, (which also happens a lot in the new update.) Unless the zone size gets increased, there will be no restocking and mid-game and you will have to get into the final fight with arm, leg, and chest armor all with half health if you play more aggressive and still could possibly get pinched.


Again, I understand the Dev’s are trying to help and compensate for the long lobbies and long mid-games, and they have done a great starting point. But they did overcompensate what needs to be done in my opinion. Let the zones start bigger and PLEASE let us outrun the zone which made you very different from other battle royale games. If you keep the current build, at least please up the loot spawns. Some mid-game would also be nice to re-stock and possibly get in a solid 1 on 1 fight.


This is not to bash the Dev’s this is to post my opinion and my friends and have it heard. I hope others agree and I hope this issue gets tweaked to some degree. I really enjoy the game and hope the best for it but in this build, I am currently not in love with it.


Thank you for reading.


Well thought out and said! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!

To be clear, this is not meant to be a massive change in overall game pace, it’s a tweak that specifically affects smaller lobbies. This also isn’t our solution to the mid game lull. We have plans for that, but simply cutting it out completely isn’t part of it :slight_smile:

This is just a quick tweak to make games with small lobbies start and end faster. It’s a compromise and so far a lot of people seem to enjoy it, but it’s not going to be the ideal gameplay experience. When lobbies are full, the pacing should be roughly the same as before. There is a chance that those are also affected a bit too much, if so we’ll fix it.

Ultimately this is just a first step to more sophisticated solutions to make small lobbies fun to play. This will benefit us in the long run even when the playercount goes up, as there are always going to be combinations of gamemodes, regions, and times of day where lobbies are not likely to fill up completely.


I agree that theres some adjustements to be made.

The games are now shorter (7-8min ish) and more luck dependants (loots around spawn and potential rivals).

I agree Chris’ statement.
A 30% wider initiale zone and a 20% slower zone would be optimal imo.

And did you change something in the 3rd/4th zone ? Suddenly it goes so small !!! Just when you think you are able to stand fights you actually need to run 300m.

Otherwise you could add more loot places, not only medium/small POI but like just a couple lost in between them or just lost. That way you would be able to navigate to the zone from the shade…