Loading Screen Freeze ! Game isnt working!



So … I bought the game yesterday and I just wanted to play but
if i queue for Solo it gets me into the loading screen and then the loading screen freezes.
After 10-15 minutes Loading Screen I get kicked back into the Lobby and it sais “No Connection to GameSparks”
Training mode runs perfectly.
I tried some methods like reinstalling the game or this verify files thing on steam , I deleted the BattleEye folder too.
I just have like 2 hours in this game now but never played any round!

Please Fix FAST

Ty :smiley:


May I ask where you are from?
We’ve had some issues with players from russia not being able to connect to gamesparks. Other than that there has been a few rare occasions where gamesparks wouldnt work and 2 fixes that I know worked for some of them are:

  1. Also a few ideas for a solution would be turning off any firewall or anti-virus and give it try to see if any of these tools are blocking the connection
  2. I’ve had someone with the same issue solve it by using a VPN to change his region (It continued to work after he turned off the VPN again)

If that doesn’t help you might need to send an email to support