Loading screen problem



The loading screen takes too long, i do have an ssd and i do have the virtual memory over the limit, so, what can i do for the menu to load faster? sometimes the loading screen is so long that i cant even get into the game and it kicks me out…


G’day @Christian_Marin

What speccs do you have, and if you’re using virtual memory, how much RAM do you have?

Virtual Memory only makes for minimal improvement and won’t fully
substitute for having the physical memory missing, if that’s your problem.



16gb DDR3, gtx1050ti, Xeon 1221 V2


Do you have the game installed on an HDD? I would recommend swapping it over to an SSD if you have one.


Tell us more about your SSD and share the screenshot of your issue. For display settings you can visit apple customer service and detect your problem.