[LOOK] Questions about the state of the game!


Just got an email about the Spring Invitational event and i couldn’t read the thread since i don’t have permission to view it?

I was hoping it would contain some news about being able to buy the game, I’ve been waiting for a while now…

Edit: this is the thread: Spring Invitational, 5/12 2PM EDT - Catch it Live @ twitch.tv/islandsofnyne


Hey Dratt,

The forum post that is linked to the a should be available shortly.


I can see it now! I have a question though, why is it so hard to get a key? I don’t understand why you can’t even pre-order the game right now?
Is there any ETA on when the game is going to be ready for the public?

I will for sure watch the stream, I come to this website every day hoping the pre-orders aren’t sold out. I’m so looking forward to this game it’s killing me inside!

/Thanks in advance


The game should hopefully be rolling out into Early Access at some point soon which will then allow you to get a key for the game. No ETA has been announced yet though :frowning:


I dont understand how they keep having invitationals, and how a digital product is constantly sold out. I am getting tired of waiting for this game. So many other battle royale games coming out that I am starting to wonder if I should just give up waiting for IoN.
Seriously, if this game is good enough to do invitationals with then why is it not good enough to let us play early access?


I totally understand what you mean and agree with you that they go wrong about this. However it was just announced to be released to steam Q2 2018, so probably in June.

Really looking forward to that /Dratt