Major Server Connection Issues


On the first and second days of the Alpha wave 16, I was able to play many matches with no problem. Today, I am unable to get into a match because I am booted from the game as soon as the lobby loads and it says my connection to the server was lost. Also, on the main menu screen none of my stats appear and it says “loading news” on the left side - I imagine this issue is related to the match kicking issue. Can anyone assist? I tried reinstalling the game and that did not fix the issue.

For additional information, I have a high-end gaming PC with SSD and a fiber connection.


Since the update to Duo’s I am crashing out of most of my games within 5 minutes of landing. Looks like some of my random duo’s have also been having that issue.

It just kicks me back out to the main menu of the game. Before updating to duos no issues like this.


Same, missing out on the dev hunt!


It appears that this issue is happen even upon entering the initial dome lobby… Anyone else experiencing it?


This is still an issue after the “update”. I get booted as soon as I enter the pre-game training facility.


devs are looking into it, thanks for your patience all


Yeah cant even play a match and don’t even want to try anymore. Either get killed by someone who didn’t disconnect or… disconnect lol. Sad day T_T


Hey friends,

We are currently working on a fix in the background! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Problem still occuring. Here’s a video of what it looks like


you have an invalid update… you are getting booted because you are not up to date. verify game files completely quick steam and restart


i bought the game and cant play :I


i try to play today but I can not connect in NA, SA and EU region,this game is going to death, congratz devs