Making the Player Feel Like They're Winning, Even If They Don't Get 1st Place


So I’m no expert on game development, but I have a humble suggestion to the devs. I’ve been playing a lot of PUBG lately. I’ve noticed every time I play the game and inevitably don’t win the match, I feel like the game itself could make me feel like I did well, even though I didn’t win. I’m not looking for free trophy handouts or anything like that. I’m just saying the game could do a much better job of making the player feel rewarded for lasting longer than the competition.

If I die in the 20th spot, I want some sort of indication or rewarding feeling if I do better than dying earlier in the match. I think the reason games like COD are/were so popular is because they knew how to reward the player. Maybe we could have a tier system in each match, maybe; 50-30 Bronze, 30-10 Silver, 10-1 Gold. And maybe a cool animation can play when you die(matching your death rank), and the amount of points you gained count up. The higher your rank, the cooler looking/sounding the animations are. Some simple animations/noises could make dying a lot more rewarding I think. It’s why people love slot machines so much, over-stimulation works and can make the game feel like you’re winning even when you’re not.

Would love to hear from everyone else on this!


“Place in the top ten in a match for a chance to unlock exclusive rare weapon skins and armor sets. First place winners take home a Champion of the Nyne case that can contain extremely rare gear.”

im sure you will get some decent loot in the lower places too.


Awesome idea, you are right something like that would make less painful to start the game over and over again :slight_smile: