May Newsletter: Quarter 2 Release


The wait for Early Access is almost over! Islands of Nyne will be available for purchase at a yet-to-be announced date before the close of Quarter 2 this year! (That means sometime before June 30th :o) It’s been a helluva journey for everyone on the dev team, seeing our community grow and the game improve significantly over the various testing phases- and it’s far from over. Our commitment to ensuring a polished Steam Early Access title is something we’ve always valued, and we owe it to you, our devoted community, for standing by us and giving us your patience. We promise it’s been worth the wait.

With the announcement of a Q2 release, we also wanted to let you know that our Steam Page is finally up!

Head on over, add ION to your Steam wishlist so you can get notified as soon as it releases, and make sure to watch our new gameplay teaser trailer while you’re at it (the full launch trailer is coming soon!).

Last weekend’s Spring Invitational saw 30 top-tier BR teams duke it out over 3 hours of intense competitive play. Congrats to team World’s Best Gaming for taking the Gold with Cloud9 and Noble following up with 2nd and 3rd place wins. If you missed it, head over to our Islands of Nyne twitch page to replay the broadcast in its entirety.

Full standings:

Reminder- enter in our 2 giveaways while they’re still accepting entries!

Many of you have asked if we’ll be opening up Alpha servers at some point before release. The answer to that is YES! We’ve got plenty of new gameplay goodies to share with you and get your feedback on. Drones, Large Nano-Meds, Nano-Vive changes, HUGE optimizations, and new locations are all coming to an Alpha Wave near you! Server uptimes will be announced at a later date so stayed tuned. In the meantime, we’re working as hard as ever prepping for our Early Access launch and making sure things go smooth once it drops. Big things are happening! Check out some of the screenshots below for a taste at whats to come.

We’re almost there! See you in the Dome, player.

-Define Human Team

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