Modifier Ideas


I just finished watching the interview that Logan had and started to think about a few possible modifiers that could be thrown into the mix:

  1. Camo Modifier - Dulls your shield so it isn’t as bright or makes it camo colors
  2. Muscles Modifier - Lets you run with sniper/heavier guns at normal speed (maybe slight speed increase also with knife)
  3. Hardened Skin (~5-10% increased damage reduction; still 1 tapable)
  4. “double jump”
  5. Hardened Helmet (prevents a single tap headshot from sniper rifle; drops you down to ~20 health)
  6. Cloak (3 second predator type cloak on a ~3min CD toggle; shooting ends the cloak)
  7. Power Glove - Lets you climb objects (houses and walls maybe trees?) kinda like Hanzo
  8. Hologram - Allows you to make a hologram that moves in the direction pointed for 5 seconds before vanishing on a 3 min cd (ex. behind a tree fighting someone, make your hologram start running from the tree and you pop out the other side to shoot the guy who peaked for your hologram like in oldschool Duke3d) <- this one could be used as an item maybe instead?

Suggestion:Extra slot seperation

I agree with numbers: 2, 4, and 6. I disagree with numbers: 3 and 5. The rest I am neutral on.

I feel like adding “Hardened skin” and “Hardened Helmet” would be an unfair RNG aspect to the game. ION should (mostly) be based on raw skill and tactics. I feel like adding a modifier to the game that gives a player more health or better armor than others is unfair. It leaves it up to luck and chance whether you will find these special modifiers to out-gear your opponents. I would look at it from the ‘two hit lammy’ aspect in H1 :poop: 1; almost all of the players hate the RNG aspect of someone finding a ‘two hit lammy’ and killing them only because of that reason.

I think some versions of ‘Muscle Modifiers’, ‘double jump’, and ‘Cloak’ would be a cool addition to the game if done correctly. Keep up the cool and interesting ideas Ooey!!


All ideas sounds interessting but need to be tested if it works or not.

I did some brainstorming. I’m unsure about some ideas, but lets put them in for some discussions ^^
Some of my first modifier ideas are:

[Ooey have 1-8 already so i start from 9 =P]

09.) Proximity Device
A silmple quiet but steady sound if someone is near your position.
(only yourself can hear the proximity warning)
~ You dont know how far away, which direction or if he above / blow your position.

10.) Shield recharger :
You can recharge your shield energy if you sacrifices inventory itmes
(5 Shield energy with 15s cooldown [~20shield per minute])
~This would be a reason to get loot even you already found your proper gear.

11.) Ammunition converter:
You are able to convert some inventory items into ammunition for you weapon your hand in that moment
(Any item gives 1x Sniper., 2x SG-Shells, 5x AR/Pistol/Smg ammunition with 15s cooldown)
~ I’m very unsure about this one

12.) Tracking device
This can be helpfull to see blood track or- / and foot steps on the ground.
(foot steps [maybe if someone have haevy gear] and bood tracks can be tracked all the time]
~ No foot steps on stone/water; you dont know if the tracks is new or old unless you witnessed something.


im only down for the shield. the res would break the game. but im making a shield post as well :smiley:


Would do you think its game breaking even if we halved the reg like ~10 shield per min [5shield, 30s cooldown] ? Sound s quite underpowerd incomparison with others like double jump.


I like the shield regen one. Maybe a modifier that lets you regen 5 health every 20 seconds or something could be good too. It would add more diverse builds relying more on grenades and other future items that nano slots take up


i though about health reg too but heal items should be uncommon/rare like the nano med stimpacks.


13.) Mini map - doesn’t take up a slot, just equips a mini map (advanced versions show enemy positions/sounds? - think COD)
14.) Silent boots - Self explanatory (gives reason to keep looting)
15.) Unbreakable armor - Rarer pieces of armor that you don’t have to worry about replacing (also, gives looters the incentive to go to bodies if they kill a guy with this armor equipped)
16.) Power fists (building on no. 7) - stronger melees/throw knife farther, faster
17.) Power boots (building on no. 4) - not necessarily double jumps, but higher
18.) Bullet types - armor piercing (absolutely destroys armor, but minimal health damage) and vice versa (destroys health, won’t do much to shields)
19.) Range finder/Target marker - Outlines target (think Rainbow 6, where the marked knows he’s marked, and there’s a cool down on the ability itself) Or just give me a Farsight :skull:

The sci-fi aspect of all this means they can go absolutely nuts with it…