My suggestion for Islands of Nyne right now (pls read)


Hello everyone,

i hope the developers read this and consider my suggestion.
When culling 2 was a total flop and Culling 1 was long dead, i too suggested constantly that developers make the game free cause i knew that the game had potential but i didnt think anyone would buy it. With Islands of Nyne it too already looks like its forgotton and even tho its early access, im not sure that people will buy it once its fully out. Its a very unique game and i definitely liked it.

My main suggestion is to either lower the price to 5bux or smth or just make it free cause then i see a future in terms of a player base atleast being there. Its very hard to compete with all the battle royales out now. I do not know what the plan from the devs is but i would love to hear about it.
Also if there is still someone working on the game, i would love to have something like a deathmatch mode where you can just run around and practice certain guns and your aim.

That is it from me.

Best wishes to you all :slight_smile:



Hey corni,

Check out our 2nd dev blog if you haven’t yet. It has answers to your questions and concerns:

tldr; yes, the game is still being worked on with a bunch of new features being added. We are also offering a f2p weekend when we drop the patch along with a huge discounted price.