My Suggestions Alpha Wave 16



Hi guys I bought the game last week and I would have some comments about it: I like the fast paced game mechanic very much and bunnyhoping but I suffer from performance issues and frame drops with low settings. I know it’s alpha version and I hope it will be better for steam early access. You should work on the directional audio because very difficult to find out where the shots came from (maybe because lot of silencer in the game I don’t know). Footsteps sounds are very weak too and always can’t hear when somebody approacing me. I think armors and shields don’t protect enough and we die too fast. The new red dot sight brightness is poor, very tiny and difficult to see (I’m using FOV 103). I think the game has so much potential to be an eSport. I look forward to the next waves and I hope to see some improvements! Keep up the good work!


I forgot 2 things: Scope in animation for example ACOG, 6x, 8x looks a bit slow and fast peek, fast lean function in the game would be nice.


I prefer and I’m using toggle aim instead of hold… Maybe the scope in animations are slower with toggle?