NA / EU servers


We have a situation where there may be a healthy 30 players in-game. However, these players are usually split between server regions and servers within those regions.

Would it be possible to have only 1 server per region for each game mode? That way, we dont have a situation where we have 7 players on 1 server and 15 players on another.

Can we remove all regions and have only EU servers available during EU daytime, and only NA servers during NA daytime?

Or, can we get a player-count number on the lobby page, showing how many players are in each region. I would rather play in an NA server with 120ms Ping than wait for a 4 player EU lobby to start.

This would force all players into one, single server rather than have them spread out across servers.

I know it may trigger people to be forced into a non-local region, but surely it is needed if you actually want to have fuller-lobbies, faster match-starts and more action in-game, regardless of region.