NEED a rank system!



NEED a rank system !!!
KILL 2 , RANK 2 , points +1
WHY !!!


What if you killed low ranks, the winner is even lower abd your high? With so low info from you I cant guess.

Would be nice anyway to know from the dev how its been calculated.


There are many factors. I’ve gone into much detail in other places before, but I really need to prepare a detailed post for the forum.

The best thing to do in any case is not to worry too much about how many points you get for each match in particular. The system is very complex, and if you consistently play above or below your rank than it will adjust accordingly.

The point of the ranking system isn’t to reward you for a well played match, but to tell you about your true skill level in relation to other players. This is very difficult to do in Battle Royale, so there is a lot going on under the hood to make it possible.

It’s definitely not as simple as “X kills at place Y equals Z ranking points”, far from it. Also while it does take skill level of your opponents into account, it’s also not as simple as games against higher ranked players scoring more than games against lower ranked players. What matters far more is what actually happens in your matches and how the game evaluates your performance.

Pure placement doesn’t matter much either, the system is far more interested in what happens when you encounter other players than simply how long you manage to survive. So just staying out of fights for as long as possible isn’t going to improve your ranking much (though it can still be a good way to play if it helps you be better prepared for actual encounters).

Based on what we have seen so far, the ranking system works very well in terms of assigning players a rank that matches their actual skill level. So if you end up at one of the top ranks then you really are one of the top players in the game. There is no (known) way of abusing the system, and pure grinding will not increase your ranking either (once you are at your current peak rank).

That doesn’t mean the system is perfect of course, there are likely to be small issues that can create strange results for individual games and there are possible improvements especially for evaluating team games, but all in all it works quite well and any particular issue usually balances out over the course of multiple matches.


depends on ranks of players in the game, who you killed, and what rank you already are. if I’m not dropping 3+ kills a game and coming in top 15 at least, I’m eventually deranking out of plat. period.