New Item: 1st Contact - Weapons Crate


Introducing the 1st Contact Weapons crate which will be available at Launch tomorrow, July 12th!

This is an UNLOCKED crate which does not require a key to open. The crate can be purchased with 3000 in-game credits and can be found in the Store -> Rewards page from the main menu. Credits are awarded to you at the end of each game and based on your performance- kills, damage dealt, distance, headshots, and placement all factor into how many credits you earn each match. As a disclaimer- any skins unlocked in Islands of Nyne do NOT affect gameplay and are cosmetic changes only.

The 1st Contact crate contains 18 weapon skins of various rarities seen below. Enjoy the skin porn!

The game still didnt release and i want to buy the alpha key with the skins
New Item: Abducted - Armor & Dropsuit Crate


Awesome work from the people who design this stuff



Gimme those skins…


<------ guaranteed all commons


at least the commons look glorious though!


this is unreal. everything looks so amazing. cant wait to get hands on!


All of those skins look really awesome :smiley:


For backers with Elite Crates, don’t open them! For the first 2 days they were marked “untradeable” and “unmarketable” then the devs decided to enable trading and the steam community market.

I opened all my gold bundle crates and received nothing but 10 cent uncommon items. Had I sold my crates I could have had 50-100 bucks depending on how the sales continue. Now I have crappy skins, and no cash to buy the limited in game items. Don’t get screwed like me, Don’t open elite crates! sell them.