New Items: July 22 - August 5th (Limited In-Game Store)


The first batch of in-game store items are now gone forever! In their place emerges a new set of 4 items that will only be available for purchase until August 5th. You can check them out in more detail by clicking on their images on the Store page under Customize from the in-game main menu, or you can get a nice glimpse of them from the promotional shots below.

A couple things we’d like to clarify about these Limited items-

  1. They will be made MARKETABLE on the Steam marketplace 30 days after their purchase. Be aware that this may be subject to change as we continue to process your feedback.

  2. They are not TRADEABLE.

  3. They are LIMITED in the sense that they will never be available for purchase from the in-game store ever again once their TIME LIMIT expires.

Lastly, we know that some of you are itching to get your hands on the weapon models or design PSDs in order to create your own skins. We are looking into ways to best achieve this and our plans are to offer artists a chance to eventually get their designs on the store in a community workshop-like approach. We’ll announce more about this at a later date.

Artist credits- @jpeck @ThunderMare @thilger



Will the first wave items be made marketable after 30 days like these?


Im intersted in this question too


The developers said yes, 30 days.


Is there any reason why it’s not tradable? I want to buy and send to my other acc :confused:


or trade with my friends in the future…


I like the suits a lot.

Are armor sets planned for future? the suits are cool but get very un-noticed as armor just covers it in game.



Will the items be untradeable forever? If no, when will they be tradeable? If yes, why are they untradeable?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I believe they are untradeable to prevent 3rd party site selling.