New Patch = If you suck, go away


I dont really understand who the devs think are going to fill their servers. Do they really think just a bunch of elite fps’ers are going to keep their game alive? This update has felt like a huge middle finger to lower skilled players like me, you know, the folks who make up the bulk of any successful games playerbase.

First off, the starting deagle change. So now if I want to hot drop, I often have to win fights with the hardest gun in the game? But thats not all, I get one dumb clip to do it lol. And given the super new beefy shield, you better get headshots with that crappy weapon. As an aside, if you want new players to like your game, dont start them with the crappiest gun in your game every single game.

Ok so as a bad player, hot drops are out as nothing could be harder than winning deagle fights.

So I randomly learned from a streamer that the reason I couldnt put an ACOG on my AR’s is because I had not leveled them enough. Funny, at first I thought it was a clever balancing thing to nerf the ACOG by limiting it only to that single shot AR or the sniper. WRONG! My ability to use an ACOG on a weapon is gated by, yup you guessed it, skill! In most practical instances, given the high amount of scrap needed, if I want to ever equip an ACOG on an AR I need to kill multiple people.

So you gated a core aspect of the game, using an ACOG, behind skill. Do you not want bad players to be able to experience the totality of your game most of the time?

I will tell you right now if those two things are not changed there is no way I continue with this game. Though I doubt it will matter much because these devs apparently dont have any low skilled players to help them understand how their decisions will effect them.

The shield changes are the thing I am the least sure about. So while sure, if one bad player ambushes another bad player, the shield could save them and allow them to respond and make it an interesting fight. However, the shield is so strong that it makes it much more likely skilled players will beat less skilled players no matter how the encounter starts. Hell I have had ammo issues which I never had before because it takes so many shots for unskilled players like me to chew through the shield to kill anyone.

My main take away with the new shield is it makes headshots all the more critical which again, helps better players.

Look, I get this game was designed from competitive play. I understood that from the start but this latest patch has me thinking this team is so clueless about the game lives of unskilled players that this game will never consistently fill servers.

You didnt add achievements or daily missions, a big draw to unskilled players. You didnt add any sort of unlock path of anything really based on just grinding. I love that the leaderboards are based on winning skill matchups and not just grinding, but the low skilled folks need something else thats based on purely playing the game, whether you are super successful or not.

Other random notes:
-more ammo, the shield changes mean we need more ammo, and why is ammo always in two piles? Is there a reason I need an extra chance to miss-click the weapon they are sitting near just to grab the ammo?
-why is the landing animation still locking us in place at all? People are shooting at us with deagles now, and a few of them can actually hit me with them.
-I thought there was going to be a change so beam drops where easier to notice. If that has changed, havent noticed.
-Are there tutorials or info anywhere that explains the upgrade system with scrap? If I had not been watching the streamer I would still not know ACOGs can be mounted on ARs. At least add a hyperlink in game to a forum post about it or something.
-When I que up for a game and it puts me in a lobby that is ending I am still having the same old issue where I am dropping in late. Again, now that these great players have a gun right at the start they can use, I am even more hosed when I lag into the start late like that.

I do enjoy this game but it was always hard. Seeing that all the changes are designed to give better players even more advantages while knowing the reality that the servers are likely never going to fill with fellow potatoes leaves me thinking my days with this game are numbered, either because it becomes more pointlessly frustrating than fun or because the servers die again. Honestly, just seems like a race to see which happens first. That or I see you keep the deagle BS and the skill gated ACOG. Hell in that case I wouldnt bother playing out of principle, because clearly you have no interest in unskilled players enjoying your game so why invest time to get better? You’ll probably just keep making the game harder catering to the 30 elite players you will have left playing.


I agree with most your points (specially the deagle) but you cant really argue that 1.5 isnt alot more welcoming to “lower skilled” players compared to 1.0.

I imagine when the class system gets introduced ION will be even more welcoming to players that dont want to lean on headshot gunplay.


What about this new patch is better for new players? If anything its harder on new players because the better players just got a whole new batch of advantages to leverage against those new, weaker players.

The deagle start, the ACOG limitations thing, the scrap system in general of upgrading weapons, all of that tilts more advantages to the better player.

So what about this update helped newer players exactly?


Been my complaint since early in 1.0. This is made by pro players, for Pro players. In a funnel that’s not a bad thing and in a low player count environment it works. But Battle Royale needs player count to work. Bad players are needed to keep the good players around. I get that it’s tough to balance “skill based” with “approachable”, but it’s discouraging when the devs continue to miss the mark on it. IoN is a headshot only game because the devs want it to be. But Battle Royale isn’t right for that. Headshots need to be rewarded but not required. Until that’s addressed they will have 10-15 player lobbies.

EDIT - NOTE I have not played 1.5 yet, so they may have addressed this issue. Just speaking from my experience prior to 1.5 and my overall feeling towards the game prior + comments of OP.


Much higher TTK is a boon for “weaker players” imo.

The scrap system can be used without having to PVP so you could work your way to an acog (unless acog is a lvl 3 thing…im not sure) before firing a single shot.

Shotguns are still as relevant as ever and are noob friendly.

You have a shield on your gauntlet that im sure can be helpful.

Lastly i know it isnt in yet but the class system should help players get comfortable into a specific playstyle that theoretically should improve theyre playstyle.

Its far from perfect or even ready but its not all bad.


GnomeDigest is totally on point here.

This patch suited me perfectly, and I’m hardcore with a lot of shooter experience. My win rate has sky rocketed this patch, allthough there are 3 to 5 times as many players in the lobbies. The shield makes my body unkillable, and with rapid movement, juking and strafing ppl literally can’t hit my head. They put 7 hits in my body while I smile and tap them in the head.

This is a serious issue. I didn’t need the game even more catered to me, I need more people to enjoy it and play it with me.