No Email after purchase


I did paypal Backer on Jan. 23rd and haven’t received a email about anything yet. can i please get something so i know whats going on? Thanks Steve.


Me neither, but I think it’s related to that the closed alpha is not yet ready ( Closed Alpha Update ), it would not make much sense the email.
I have the receipt of PayPal with the Unique Transaction ID.


servers just went live so idk whats going on…


I have the same problem as well.
Not sure what to do hear…


Hi guys, are you receiving our newsletter announcements at least? The last announcement concerning Alpha backers was made a little more than a week ago and everyone who backed either our Kickstarter or PayPal campaign should be receiving those. Please search your inbox for and let me know if you’re getting those.

Our pre-alpha servers went back online today but that announcement should only concern our current pre-alpha testers.


no i haven’t received anything from that email address. The only email i have is from paypal for making a payment.


Same here, i havent received any emails from you guys or anything, i even searched my junk mail…


same thing here :frowning:


I have not received any email, or as spam, from
I only have the PayPal email “Payment to Define Human Studios”.

I have been registered since Jan 24, 2017.


Yep, same here. No newsletter or any emails from Paypal backer since Jan. 24.


Yep, same here. No newsletter or any emails from Paypal backer since Jan. 22.


:astonished: There’s a newsletter? Definitely not getting any.


I think I don’t get them. First registered with another email then on paypal here but changed it now.


Yeah I did not get any email from the newsletter as well. Only thing I received was my paypal payment confirmation.:cold_sweat: But, I see they are working hard on it so hold your tights.


Do not worry about emails, follow the development.
The emails can be resolved later.


I received it, backed with paypal on kickstarter


I received it


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Had no idea this was going on since the testing we did ourselves worked fine. We’re working with MailChimp and PayPal right now to resolve this.


also have the same problem


I am Early Backer, but I do not have the badge :frowning: ( )