Obligatory "how this game can survive" post


Credit to @ChuRa and @PhaNDoMs for the great “casual gameplay” ideas. It seems like most of us that frequent these forums are 100% on board with seeing a casual mode in one form or another.

With that said, as a community we can’t expect the game to blow-up overnight. It’s not like we’ll all wake up tomorrow morning and see 10,000 new faces.

It’s going to take time for the game to grow and a community of gamers to lead that charge. And hopefully the Devs are on board to allowing their target market to kind of “take the wheel” in how the game finally evolves into it’s final state.

We as a community can’t let this game die! Tell your friends to buy it, have your kids try it, spread the word on Twitch, YouTube, Steam Reviews, wherever!

But it’s also up to the Devs to support it. Consistent updates and improvements are the key to survival. If there’s a bug, FIX IT. If the community is screaming for changes, CHANGE IT. If a new cheat starts to spread, STOP IT!

I would much rather give my hard earned money to a Dev that is putting that $ back into a solid product, than to continue shelling out upwards of $100 for games that are shipped full of bugs, have story modes that are more video than game play, are a mirror image of their competitors game, or give us the same exact experience with a new roman numeral at the end of the name.