P90 issues! And other misc things


Twice now this has happened to me and once to my friend… Pick up the p90 with 60 ammo, load it but it will only load a small amount of bullets and the rest disappear… Again, this is the 3rd time that I know of that this has happened. I know it’s early access so hope you fix it soon! Here is a video of the the latest time: P90 Bug

BTW, I do really love this game so far and what I’m seeing/feeling so early. I liked pubg a lot before 1.0 but honestly they let me down in many ways. I hope the same doesn’t happen with you guys! Optimize and bug fixes should be the only concerns at this stage. Please don’t add useless content to the game until it is at least mostly bug free and optimized better than it’s current state.

Also, PLEASE ADD A BRIGHTNESS SLIDER!! The shadows on anything but low cause me frame drops with an i7 and 1080ti but with them on low it’s insanely bright. Optimization could fix this but a brightness slider wouldn’t hurt either.


The P90 bug should be fixed in the next patch <3


eta on the next patch?


This weekend.


Unfortunately the P90 fix for this upcoming patch was reverted to prevent a bigger badder bug that was occurring. The P90 reload bug should be fixed in the near future though.