Patch 1.5 and overall game suggestions


ok heres some of my thoughts on changes i’d like to see, or bugs that should be fixed:

  1. Gadget is kinda useless atm. I like the idea, but it needs a buff in terms of more knockback (maybe on enemies too?), more damage, longer lasting shield. also i should be able to use shield quickly, but switching to gadget and then activating it takes to long for it to be useful. Also i feel like movement with a gadget is slower than with a knife. Maybe make it the same, so i can move around fast with a gadget instead of knife, and be able to quickly use its abilities to either shield myself, or pop someone out of his position behind cover if i hit ground near him

  2. ttk is now too high, regenerating shield needs a small nerf, but this is much better than old ttk. just balance it out a bit

  3. remove, shorten the duration or lower the volume of the beep beep sound when youre low, its unnecesery distraction if ure in a middle of fight and wounded.

  4. loot table definetly changed, everything is packed with fusion granades and smgs, please revert it to how it was before (with more things that you actualy need, like ARs)

  5. alt+tabbing often hides ION from minimised apps in bottom bar so i cant acccess it, even with trying alt+tab again because it aint there either. I always have to open task manager and kill ION branch process and start game again.

  6. alt+enter twice helps with fps because it switches to windowed and back to fullscreen mode, which reduces input lag and increases fps. this is an old bug, because the game shows its fullscreen when you launch it, but its basicly borderless so i ahve to do it. By doing so it doesnt keep my resolution (1920x1080) and instead switches to 1600x900 so i have to check that every time aswell.

  7. Playerbase - i aprecciate what you guys are trying to do, but the math is obvious here. You all remember what happened to playerbase after early access launch and the game quickly became unplayable, or playable with 10 people (noone enjoys that i think). We were waiting for this patch to see how things go, and while f2p weekend is not over we can see a few things. First let me say what made this weekend playable with 700 player peak if im not mistaken:
    a) people waiting so long to see whats new after so much time of game being unplayable
    b) game being FREE for the weekend only, so anyone can hop in and try out without spending money and see if they like it
    c) popular streamers Shroud and DrDisrespect playing it with like 50-60k people who mostly play Battle Royale games and could be interested in a game like ION. Shroud even had a “PARTNERED WITH DEFINE HUMAN” on his stream
    Now we come to the bad part… with all this the game reached barely playable state and peaked at 756 first day and dropping after that. This is with all the possible help you can get and hype that was behind it. What happens after f2p weekend, after shroud and doc, after the hype is gone and people tried it out, and most important - after the price tag thats on this game again. The game will not be playable until next major update which is in like 3-4 months. This is the part i dont get… why do you insist on a price that just wont work and you know it. Sure there will be a few people who will buy it now, but that number is soooo small that it wont help you with your development in any meaningfull way. In meantime players who actualy like the game wont be able to play it, including the players that just bought the game for 10$, and that will again lead to more negative reviews and a bad name for your game, which will definently affect your future plans. I would highly suggest that you go F2P DURING EARLY ACCESS, get feedback, let your name actualy be playable in meantime and patch on the go. You have some of the best looking skins, you can monetize from that if the game gets popular, and it sure wont when we reach 20 players average again. Afraid of cheaters you say? You cant even have cheaters with noone playing the game, how is that any better?

Anyways i want you all to know im not bashing on the game, quite the opposite - i personally love it. I’m kinda triggered by some bad mistakes everyone else can easily notice that you made - mostly the price tag and updates coming once in over 100 days. On the other hand im really impressed with what a small dev team like yours is even able to make and i highly respect that. Please dont be stubborn and listen to what majority of us is saying to you. You dont get many chances to do this right, and every time you make a bad decision it affects your next chance. For EA release we had over 7k people who actualy paid for the game because they had high hopes… Now you make game f2p weekend and the numbers are 10x less than that because of bad reputation this game has among broader audience. You do have something special, but dont let temporal quick few bucks you wanna make atm ruin your dreams and plans for the long run. Good luck! :slight_smile: