Patch Notes: Alpha Wave 15, Weekend 2


Last week we let the Alpha servers run for a bit longer than we usually have them up for. This allowed us to follow up on a bunch of detailed reports and got us the data we needed to solve some lingering matchmaking issues and a host of other “hard to reproduce” bugs (those are the ones that make me want to dropkick my computer). Some of you were still experiencing that annoying drop bug where you couldn’t maneuver in the air and others were having trouble partying up with friends in the main menu lobby. With the release of this patch, those issues should now be solved. In addition to those fixes, we got busy adding a bunch of improvements based on your feedback and started prepping our backend for testing Squads this weekend. And don’t you worry Solo’s lovers, we hear you. You’ll be lone wolfing it up once again very soon, but first we need your feedback on Squads!


This weekend we’re crankin up the party from 2 to 5 as we invite all of our Closed Alpha participants to test our 5-player Squads gamemode! Invite your friends to form a party of 5 or use the auto-matching feature to fill out your team with other players looking to form a squad. If you’re more a Rambo type, leave that box unchecked and go up against the competition by your lonesome old self or with an incomplete party of 2, 3, or 4. We don’t quite know what to expect, but you can damn well bet it’s gonna be a blast.

User Interface

Lots of big and small UI improvements happened this week. Player markers were updated, the HUD was redesigned, font is more legible, and proximity/tab looting is now a whole lot easier to manage with sorted loot, stacked items, and added pickup status icons.

  • Removed killfeed from pre-match gun game
  • Streamlined teammate colors for map/compass markers
  • Teammate outlines are easier to see
  • Enemy players don’t display player tags
  • Fixed armor not displaying properly when looted from dead body
  • Updated settings menu fonts
  • Map marker is more discernible from teammates
  • Action report now displays accurate stats from the last match before older reports
  • Armor and shield icons added to persistent hud
  • Proximity loot UI is now categorized, sorted, and stacked
  • Status icons indicate whether a pickup is an improvement or downgrade
  • Added a permanent kill counter to the HUD
  • Redesigned health bar
  • Added live notice to main menu

Level Design

  • Replaced a variety of ancient forest ruin POIs with ones that are better optimized and of higher quality.
  • HLODs built to further reduce polycount and draw calls
  • Added large wooden fort POI next to Pirate Lake
  • Replaced canyon temple materials with nicer ones


  • Leaderboards are back!
  • Top Ranks leaderboard added (WIP)
  • Top Rating leaderboard added (WIP)
  • After action report now displays accurate stats from the last match before older reports
  • Team kills no longer count towards your killcount

More stuff

  • Shortened initial plasma convergence time by 60 seconds and made radius smaller and extended time of final safe zone convergence. Changes should result in less downtime during beginning of match and more downtime during convergence to final safe zone
  • FOV min and max changed from 80 - 100 to 90 - 110
  • Gunshot audio no longer ducks under announcer audio
  • Fixed a bunch of matchmaking issues
  • Fixed not being able to move during the drop sequence



Does any of this improve FPS?


The answer to my own question after playing 2 games is no… - what a shame. Another weekend of not playing it because fps drops are unbearable.


I think it may be your pc or your in game settings. I get great frames and I only have an i5 6600k and a rx470. Im getting high 70s-90s, with settings changed obviously.

Settings are as followed:
Everything on Medium except for anti-aliasing and view distance which is on ultra.

Game still looks great and its easily playable! Hope that can help ya out!


Time for a new PC bro, game runs great…


i7 3770k @4.2ghz
16gb ram

dont think i need a new pc… Think they need to optimise it better.


Dont matter what settings i put it on, it runs the same, 40-60 fps crazy drops when i get into gun fights. Tried a combo of all settings, latest drivers , launch options. No matter what i try it runs like ass.


You might want to try downloading DDU and wiping your GPU drivers completely, I had to do that recently because of a fuck up with DOOM and I’m running 6700k @ 4.5, 64 gigs of ram, 980ti, and a 1tb 850 evo ssd and with most settings at high/ultra I’m still getting no less than 60, averaging around 80-100.


Wondering then what drivers people are using? currently on 390.77 ill give a few a try just to make it run smooth.


390.65 Only because I’m still messing with DOOM and don’t want to deal with the headache atm.


You guys kick so much ass. The HUD looks fucking great! The map has a ton of new improvements. I really think you guys did a fantastic job.