Patch Notes: Alpha Wave 15 Weekend 3


This weekend we’re testing Squads once again, but this time with 4-player teams instead of 5. Alpha testers- please let us know which you enjoyed more after this weekend and why, your feedback is always critical to us! I should also mention that this weekend will be the last of our squads-focused testing, so all you Solos enthusiasts please lower your pitchforks. In addition to dropping squad size down to 4, we spent the majority of our time this week investigating performance bottlenecks and making improvements to our damage model, player HUD, and grenades. Here’s the scoop:


  • Testing 4-player squads this weekend. Will be the last weekend for squads focused testing
  • Improved damage model for a more consistent (and slightly shorter) TTK
  • Performance improvements all around (more to come)
  • Leaderboard accuracy fixes and ratings/ELO rank tweaks (we know there’s not a lot of info on how ranks and ratings are calculated – we’ll announce how it works once tested and polished)


We know some of you are frustrated with how smooth ION runs on your NASA engineered crypto miner 3000 rigs. I get it, a constant 144fps is the new standard. This is what we are working towards but please realize that it doesn’t happen overnight or in a matter of days. We are not ignoring performance issues. @Tomble , CB , @talun , @Spectral , and the majority of the team for that matter are working on it every single day. One of the things we did a few weeks back was implement an auto-capture performance tool that allows us to keep track of average FPS throughout the level with the press of a button. So every new build we run, we press the GO button and we get a nice printout of super useful data such as average tri-count, draw calls, frame time, hidden thonk decals, etc. etc. It’s basically our own little PC Mark benchmark suite – ION edition. So far, we’ve seen an average gain of 11 FPS after this week’s optimization pass using a GTX 1070/i5 6600k test rig on EPIC settings. So you should be seeing a pretty decent boost this weekend. Next week we’ll be taking a look at HISMs (Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes) to see if we can crank out even more frames. Performance is just gonna keep getting better from here on out, @Tomble 's desk shackles say so.

Here’s the other stuff we got done this week:


  • Fixed some Collision issues with the Castle
  • Replaced an old Ancient Forest POI of shacks with new Ruins
  • Fixed broken Collision on lagoon Small Palmtrees
  • Fixed minor level bug reports


Improved damage model for a more consistent TTK

  • Arm hits now do the same damage as chest hits
  • Shield damage is not affected by armor any more
  • Shield is slightly more effective against shotguns and P90s
  • Armor durability now more consistent across all damage types

Grenade improvements

  • Explosion now triggers when it’s supposed to – when primer stops
  • Grenade will now explode in pocket if you trigger cook and unequip
  • Grenade damage now overlaps players
  • Holding grenade and cooking it until primer stops will cause it to explode instead of fizzling out


  • Knife will now recharge when it is not equipped
  • Pulled back reddot sight on all weapons when ADS
  • Increased m1014 shotgun recoil by 33%
  • Increased view radius on 6x scope
  • Fixed memory leak that caused ray traces to continually grow and become expensive

i cant play

Happy to see you explaining some stuff about optimization! :slight_smile: Hope I will be able to join the dome once I get my new pc parts!


Thank you for making it clear that the development and quality of Islands of Nyne is a top priority of the developers. I can’t wait to see how far this game can go. :heart_eyes:


really not sure about these damage updates. Dying very very quickly to mediocre players getting body shots. Takes a lot of the precision skill out of the game :confused:


after playing some hours now: i think 4 players is better then 5. when we went with 5 it just went to lag, my stream crashed to much. but now with 4 players, all things go good. i havent seen a single lag this time.


We need more keys for friends … EU servers totally dead … and NA server -> high ping for EU players.


Make Islands great again = Tone down the DMG PLAYA DAMNNN!!! lol

But seriously all joking aside… the gun fights would feel much better if you weren’t taken out of them in like .2 seconds flat. I would say headshots from SR and AR can one shot someone with a helmet but lets say I have a helmet and a shield … why would I die so fast?? What is the shield good for? Anyway just my 2 cents, still think you have an amazing product and I am SUPER STOKED about the quality of life improvements like FPS increase and player GUI info updates, keep it up baby!!


One of my bigger problems with the Alpha so far is that the TTK was too fast. Making it even faster seems like a mistake. Gunfights are really fun, so let’s have some actual gunfights. Quick TTK in a BR game is pretty much just who sees the other person first in a big open world where people could be anywhere.


Glocknerd… how many shots, with an AR, does it take to kill someone with a helmet and a shield? I have had plenty of instances where I’ve knocked a helmet and shield off of a player while only doing minimal damage to their overall health. That makes me salty at the time, but I get over it and try to figure out how I can get the kill next game.


It seems as if the health of every character could be increased in some way whether that be with more nanomeds or just increasing the overall health. Although if the health is increased the damage that the pistols do should also be increased since that seems pretty balanced already.


heey heey heey… don’t be jealous of my NASA crypto mining PC.

Good stuff devs, keep up the amazing work!