Player base?


i was wondering if this game has a big player base it looks fun but since its early access havent heard much on it but looks hella fun but is it a big player base or small


Steam stats will show you how many people are currently playing as well as peaks in the last 24 hours and all time and such. They haven’t advertised a ton so player base is pretty small right now, but that’s intentional according to the devs. I’m assuming they want to iron out as much as possible before dumping a bunch into advertising, my speculation is they wanted a cheap way to mass test without the risk of crashing their servers and profiting at the same time. But don’t worry if you’re located in north America, there’s never an issue getting into a solo game at any time of day, I can’t speak for other servers since I never played on them.


Glad to hear the lack of advertising is intentional. Shroud even said it, “they are doing everything right.”


The game looks hella fun


The game certainly is ‘Hella fun’. :smile:

Daffy is pretty much on the point. Loads of people waiting to see this game in a more polished state, which devs are making strides with in the backgorund to get this game to a standard their happy with.

They have a high standard for themselves, which is fantastic to see.


A dev telling you that a low playerbase is intentionally is either lying to you or himself. Its like saying that you want people to be able to pay back their creditcard debts as fast as possible when being the owner of a bank.
Sounds nice, really isn’t.