pLz help i cant get passed the loading screen help me devs



help me i have all the minimum requrirements and i get stuck in the loading screen and i have over 2 hours and cant refund ive tried almost everything i need help from a dev really wanted to play this game but i cant :{


I have the same problem, we just have to wait till they find the problem and fix it in an update. Also if you want a refund you can always try and explain the steam why its not working.


Unfortunately, instances like this will often arise for few people when a game is in development. Remembering it is early access, trying to refund with a problem isn’t going to help anyone - I mean, you’ll miss out when the problem is fixed!

Although I can’t help much directly in advice, I would suggest grabbing your PC specs (processor/graphics card/OS/Ram etc), current settings in-game and chucking them into this thread you’ve created. Also at which loading screen are you crashing at? Loading up the game, or on trying to join a multiplayer game?

It may help isolate a specific problem with hardware between people experiencing this problem. You’re not alone! And I hope it is resolved soon, so I can kill you in the dome! :wink:

Remember the more information you give - The more data the developers have to work with.


5 month bug btw


i have a gtx 1050ti 8 gigs ram i7 4890k windows 8.1 and trying to get into a game and i can play sometimes only i time restart.


If you are having issues and only have 8 gigs or ram you need to increase your virtual memory. You can view the post here on how to do that which is step 5


I dont recommend increasing virtual memory as it can slow your computer down


Ok how can i not run the game but this guy can


Sorry, didn’t see the reply to this!

Do you have IoN installed on a HDD or SSD?

Problems have been noted for those playing on HDD, similar to what your describing.


i have it on an hdd i shouldent have to do that tho.


Currently there is optimisation problems causing grief with the game running from HDDs, SSDs are running it fine however.

I could run it off a HDD, I would load significatnly slower than other players (That was off a new HDD though) and a large number of people have had the same issure, or, not load in at all.

Again, if you have a SSD - Try running it off that and see if it fixes it. Devs are hard at work trying to optimise, however, is not easy to achive. Post from discord FYI.

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any new optimisations or work arounds.


Not as of yet mate, the next patch should be coming out in the next few days provided everything goes to plan. Shiuld hopefully have some opimisations for HHD included. Have you tried defragging your HHD? Try and ensure optimal performance

If it is easier, check out Islands of Nynes Discord where information is usually updated the fastest: