Possible Timeline for Xbox Release


I have been following this game for a few months now and have heard it mentioned that there is a planned Xbox release coming but not much past that. I am not looking for an exact date or anything but do you know when that might be compared to the PC timeline? Like when it enters public pre-release could there be an Alpha for xbox? I am just dying to try this game out as the current selection of games in this genre are lacking and aren’t really being paid much attention to on the Xbox front. I know there is a large player base *cough 5 million paid players *cough that would enjoy this style of game and not deal with the headaches of the current games. Was just curious, thanks for your time!


Hey WrongfulLeaf,

There still haven’t been any official announcements so we will have to wait and see :frowning: Sorry that I can’t give you any other information than that. Early Access for PC is slated for Q2 of this year (only about a month left of Q2) so maybe some more information will start coming out after that happens.


I hope that there will be a cross platform mode similar to fortnite. A seperate playlist for people who are pc + console