Pre-Alpha Update


Hey everyone,

We’re pushing pre-alpha a little further back to January 2nd when everyone is back from the holidays. We feel like this will benefit not only us, but the testers as well. Here’s why:

1. Holidays - Family! When we set the original pre-alpha date we were in hyper work mode and weren’t even thinking about the holidays, totally slipped our minds. Family time is important to us so we want to give everyone on the team time to spend with their families and catch up on some much needed rest. As @Noveltease (one of our esteemed pre alpha testers) and other testers have mentioned, they will not have a lot of time to play during our original pre-alpha test period as they will be with their families/vacation. Pre-Alpha is a critical test phase for us and we want as much feedback as possible from the limited amount of testers on board.

2. Optimization - Optimization on mid to lower end machines isn’t exactly where it needs to be and that will affect the feedback we are looking to get during this pre-alpha. We are primarily using this testing period to garner feedback on our weapon mechanics and core gameplay, but if some of our testers are getting less than optimal FPS, it will reduce the quality of the feedback they give. Being someone who can’t stand anything less than 60 fps, poor performance is very frustrating. This tiny delay will really help us bring up the performance on those lower end machines.

As a compromise for the delay, we will be extending the pre-alpha play period by one week and depending on how it goes, we may keep it open indefinitely.

A couple side notes - some of you have been asking about streaming during our pre-alpha phase. We are strongly considering it, but want to hold off on allowing it for the first few days just to make sure everything is running smoothly. After we’re satisfied with how things are running we’ll most likely remove the NDA. On top of that, due to popular demand and more than a few emails, we are working on reopening our PayPal campaign. Those of you who just heard about the game and want a chance to get in on alpha testing will have a chance to do so.

With that I want to wish everyone a very happy holidays and we’ll be seeing you all in the arena very soon…

PS. We’ll be posting more content including gameplay footage and screenshots of our redone arena to hold you over the holidays. :slight_smile:

Whatabout pre-alfa keys?


I appreciate the family time. Like yall, I didn’t even think about the dates until this week. Then I wasn’t as excited about the test haha.

I think it will be beneficial for everyone in the end. Devs especially since it will likely improve moral(Not that it is bad, but who doesn’t like a little relaxation on the hollidays?) as well as give you a bit of extra bug squashing time which ultimately makes the game better for all the players. Even more so since more people will have time to invest in pre-alpha.

It is very important for backers to remember that testing phases are not early play time phases, no matter how some companies treat them as such. Testing phases are here to make sure the game itself is good in the long run.


This makes me kinda sad really, i was really looking forward to play on the launch :frowning:


Happy holidays!

Will there be a post outlining the details of the reopened Paypal campaign?


Awe man, I took today off hoping the pay pal would be open so I could start playing. December 22nd was marked on my calendar but now Jan 2nd is! And I just took the day off! Can’t wait and Merry Christmas!


Smart decision. Family time is super important. :smile:


Sorry Failzor! Hopefully the extended testing window will make up for the wait.


Sorry for the let down Dynaamiic. Hang in there just a bit longer!


How to start well the new year ! In a pre-alpha blood bath ! :yum:


Hi… can you tell me who gets to play the game on the 2nd???
or better still, will it be me?
I backed the kick starter (I think $30)

Also disappointed I cant play this over the week I’m off for Xmas…


a great game to look forward to playing together! why shoot man in video? he looks like nice man


Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, and I’m so happy to hear you will be giving people another opportunity to back you guys before Jan 2nd so we can get in on the testing. I wish I had head about this game earlier, but sadly I did not.

I hope you all have a great holiday, and hopefully i’ll see you on the battlefield!


The 2nd will begin the Pre-Alpha test. This is for those who backed with $150 or more.


bahaha… I was on my phone earlier and just sort of scrolled through and thought that was only a screen shot… went back and watched it. I got a good laugh at the pink mist.


So when do the people who backed less than $150 get to play?


In their respective testing phases.

Pre Alpha Test – December 22nd
Alpha Test – January 25th, 2017
Early Access – February 20th 2017

Pre-Alpha has been postponed to January 2, which is 11 days away. This would make the new dates be:

Pre Alpha Test – January 22nd, 2017
Alpha Test – February 5th, 2017
Early Access – March 3rd, 2017

Of course, this depends on the meaning of “As a compromise for the delay, we will be extending the pre-alpha play period by one week and depending on how it goes, we may keep it open indefinitely.”

To me, it sounds as if the Pre-Alpha has a separate server, that could possible be left open through the testing. Which honestly, would make perfect sends to have Pre-Alpha folks testing the bug fixes and changes along the way before pushing it to the other testing servers(Which is how a lot of games handle their tests).


Thanks for the quick answer!


Cool, thanks for the quick heads up guys. Hope you have an awesome holiday with the fam!


Your’re Welcome. :+1:


Any idea when this will be opened for late supporters?