Pre-order package keys (bronze, silver, gold)


Just wondering if these have started to out or not. I know I know, I’m being impatient, just want to make sure I don’t miss out. checks email again


if im correct I read some tweets of people who received an email. did u already receive yours by now?? I also heard mods saying that you might receive your key just a few hours before it launches


Greetings Division,

Please be sure to check your promotions and spam folders. There is a good chance that you have already been sent the e-mail. Let me know if you find anything.


Nope, nothing. Got a notice from Steam that the Alpha was revoked, but no emails or anything with any keys. I bought the Gold Package pre-order.

I’ve got bad luck with pre-orders and not getting keys…


You did manage to get your alpha keys from the pre-order right?


Yes, Alpha keys were no problem.


Keys are indeed en route. Mine were in my Promotions folder as stated above.


What the heck is a promotions folder. lol. I haven’t used a freebie mail service for………never. Have my own domain / server.


Well hope the keys are still going out, will check in the morning.


If you don’t see them early in the morning I would email suppor[email protected]


Sigh, figures. That makes 4x EA keys from different indy games that never got to me this year. I contacted support. Hopefully I get in on launch for once instead of my key magically going missing yet again.