Push this game now, or you lose


From a marketers standpoint, you’re failing to keep numbers up and interest steady. An ad campaign or something needs to roll out quick.

Here is a few tips:

  1. The kids don’t care if it’s “early access” or not. They want a solid game with a solid base to play. That’s falling fast.

  2. Running off hype is one thing, you guys made that work on launch, but hype wears thin once a game / product is out. It has to be pushed.

  3. Game play suffers. For example, players outside the USA are now flocking to the NA servers to get games, because the queue is non-existent or too long in their own region. That ends up causing the quality of play on the NA server to tank as we’re now facing high latency players (aka, getting shot around corners, “magic bullets”, etc.). So now, not only are you not attracting more customers, the quality of play is getting worse for those who do stay.

So please, take it from a guy that knows about marketing and advertising. You guys have to push hard now to grab your market share and keep people interested. Want to know why you need to roll hard and fast?

-Battlefield V (BR Mode)
-Black Ops 4 (BR Mode)
-Europa (aka Ring of Elysium)
-Fear the Wolves

I’ll predict it for you. Maverics isn’t going to be for the casual BR player, it has it’s own dynamics. But BFV and BO4…once the BR mode for those hit, and you don’t have an established market share…game over. And I’m not exaggerating, this game won’t recover even when you come out of early access and do a late marketing push. You’ll be doomed to the 90% off Steam bargain bin.

Lets not let that happen, to be frank, get off your asses and promote!


i have almost stopped playing cus i have been waiting for a new update that never came. I hope they make me come back.


Even something as simple as a Facebook ad campaign (can use the promo video, and literally done within 5 minutes) would help. Hell just a 14 day campaign and toss a grand or 2 for funding. Twitter as well. Make some sponsorship deal with some streamers. My business FB page has 30x your number of followers / likes, and if I can manage that it shouldn’t be too hard for you guys.


Honestly, it’s not any fun due to the ttk issue. I have to imagine a lot of other players feel the same way. It just isn’t fun being melted with no chance for a fight.

There are the hardcore select few here that love it, and that seems to be who they are catering to. It’s not shocking that the player base has dwindled.

Short ttk in CS works because you have very well defined pathways and angles to hold (not to mention super short rounds). The CS method does not work in a game like this.


Foreboding Angel’s post is the most important post in these forums.


TTK seems high because head shots do far too much damage. In a straight up 1 on 1 fight, it becomes who lands the head shots first or gets some lucky spray.

But also the emphasis on head shots always caters to cheats. Can understand higher damage for head shots but it shouldn’t be overkill like this.

I’ve gone against many of the top 100 in solos, and pretty obvious some of them cheat. Even some of the twitch streamers, anyone worth their salt can tell.


I think it has to be done something, players are stopping playing - there was only about 300 online players this weekend, last one it was at least around 800. https://steamcharts.com/app/728540#1m


All the games you mentioned are highly casual driven games and will remain so. If IoN would roll out now, it would damage more than it would help. You only have so much Update news you can get and spending resources on advertisement while the game is as ‘unstable’ as it is now would end up in a mess with people hating and giving tons of bad reviews.

The decision of the developer to iron out a game that is supposed to run longterms is reasonable and if you know so much about marketing you would agree. It’s not like there are millions of dollars involved to reach 4million people. Not even 500 would make a big difference now really.

The only thing that really gets me is that people try to make up excuses for the low playerbase. It is low because the game right now just doesn’t offer longterm goals. For a game that wants to be competetive, longterm goals are key. Features that allow for communitys to form and grow like clans and such are key and on top of that missing ones there are the issues that still remain and keep players away like FPS still and the weird Lightning. Majorioty of Casuals and Comps love grinding, now people can’t even do that anymore cause of the loot box limit and so on and so forth.

There is not only 1 simple solution but quite few issues to takle.
And to be honest, the latest patch did not really fix the ipmortant ones nor did it adress them properly. But it was a considerable huge one with some issues fixed that were annoying. So me saying ‘it didnt do’ is not meant to be salty, its simply my honest opinion.

I still love the game and i am just waiting for those major fps issues to be fixed. But looking at it objectivly, there is nothing for me to do in the game since i do not care for ranks and skins. So i simply wait it out and play somethign else instead.

I am by all means not the only one.

PS: all in one, i simply believe the Early Access started too early aswell.


I think Early Access was done right. It wasn’t too soon, it was overall pretty polished and a fun game. Much better than most EA releases including PUBG. Don’t think thats the issue.

Some community events and such would have been good marketing. But that goes back to my point, they needed to push the game much more in terms of advertising and marketing. How a company handles EA is the problem. There are 2 views on it:

  1. EA is just being able to play the game early before full release.

  2. EA is a paid beta test players can participate in and the developers can then get feedback.

Problem is, players assume #1 while the company assumes #2. Virtually every single game I’ve seen go to EA where the company assumes #2 has failed. Like I’ve mentioned, customers want a good game and don’t care if it’s EA. Leave a bad taste in the customers mouth and they’ll refund it and never come back.


Only way to save the game is #1 increase playercount per match from 50 to 100 (or atleast 75). #2 add more weapons to the game and make time to kill a little bit longer or atleast fix the headshot damage which is too high. After fixing these things make a lot of advertisement for the game.


that sounds pretty foolish tho, not a single one of these points would actually help ^^


So what do you think then? I kind off run around the map now with only 20 players after the first 30 sec. It’s more easy to find silverfish bugs in my appartment then enemies in this game. Until you are at the last few save zones/circles. The matches are way too empty.


Playercount is so little that you would not find ANY match with your demands. Even if the player count would be way higher, having 100 people in such map that gets smaller way faster than other Battle Royals would end up in clusterfucks and random orgys aswell.

More weapons are alright, why not but there are issues that have a way higher value such as fps/peformance or lightning and adding new weapons + balancing them would cost not only tons of time that could have been spend fixing current issues but there is also no guarantee what so ever that those weapons are gonna be any good when designed in a haste.

I don’t understand what the Headshot damage issue is supposed to be. You get rewarded for precision. The difference between a good player and a amazing player is, besides other things, exactly that. It is one factor for skillgap which is absolute mandartory in my opinion and looking from a competetive angle, its good how it is.
Why would you think its problematic?


Rewarding skilled headshots sounds great and justified on the surface, but when you realize about 80% of Twitch streamers with at least a decent viewer count actually cheat, then you start to see the problem. That 80% is not an exaggeration, just ask some of the CS:GO pros that have retired. Even Shroud got VAC banned.

That’s why I think Twitch is a double-edged sword. It’s great to promote games, competition, etc., but such a ridiculous amount of them cheat to make themselves look good…and just as many people fall for it and give them money…why wouldn’t you right?

Yes it rewards skill, but it also rewards spray and pray and cheaters. These streamers are smart about it, because most are on their own very good players and just use cheats to put them over the top selectively. Shroud cheats, DrDisrespect is legit, and anyone on a competition level or familiar can watch their “highlights” and tell easily. It’s the kiddies and/or people who don’t understand the “game” they’re playing and tosses the cheats money thinking “ohhhh they good me watch have my lunch money” mentality.

They use passive bios hacks on the mouse itself to install some cheats, others are pass-through on cell phones (just plugging the phone into a USB port on the computer and bam…full range of cheats), just YouTube the CS:GO problems and you’ll see that in force.

So long story short, headshots should be rewarded, but not to such an extreme degree. Allow the personal shield to cover the head so that someone full health/armor can survive a Sako headshot once, and you’ll curb at least some of the BS.

Might sound like me ranting, but it’s true and legit. Learn what the cheats can do and how they work, and you’d be amazed.


In the first week the game was launched it was no problem at all to fill the servers quick. Look at Steam charts + I was playing myself too every day so I know. Every game I joined the server started with the full 50 players within a minute. But now it takes much time to fill a server and won’t even start with 50 players most of the time.


Your reply has no relation to my post what so ever.
So why would you… now that it takes even more time to fill a 50 times server, increase playercount to 100, making it EVEN MORE waiting time?

i explained that^^


Hate to say it, I love this game, but looks like it’s done. As of this post, 113 people playing. Not nearly enough especially for a BR game.

Only hope now is a massive push when they go full release, assuming they have the revenue to do so.


I 100% agree that aim should be rewarded, headshots that is. I understand both of your opinions because i’ve been thinking them both myself. I feel the problem is that it’s too easy to hit headshots from range with acog on AR. You can literally spray the first 5 shots on his head. Not trying to say that pubg or fortnite is a better game or competetive at all, but it’s harder to hit headshots on pubg while spraying, especially with acog.

So my suggestion is either make the recoil bigger or slow down the fire rate. Or go the other way and make it instead of (for example) 5 body shots=dead and 2 HS = dead, make it 7 body shots and 3 or 4 headshots. That would still reward precision the same way, but it would make ttk longer, which so many people are complaining about.

I love this game, just sad to wait 10 mins or more to play vs 20 if i’m lucky.


Yeah it’s getting worse every day. And alot of streamers had to stop playing it because of viewers, no one wants to watch a streamer searching for games for ever. The few streamers that still play, are gonna stop soon aswell. They really need to do something, if not, we just have to hope it will be live again when it hits full release and we can play again.


Or with headshots on auto-fire, first hit is full effect, rest is diminishing returns. Dunno, I want to reward headshots effectively but all to often it comes down to luck. Would rather have a good effective fight than a peek-a-boo match behind 2 trees.